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My Sister and I

By Anon - Mar 15, 2006 - From incest_taboo. Incest and Taboo - Views - 101674 When I was 17, I was living with my 24-year-old sister. She has a very high paying job as a fashion designer, and lives in her own house with a pool. I got kicked out of my parents house, so my sister let me move in with her temporarily until I get a job, and I get enough money to get back up on my feet, and get a place of my own. My sister and I have always been good friends, and have gotten along well throughout our whole childhood. We hardly ever got into any major fights. And we always were very close with each other. We were always able to talk about our various relationships. She would tell me about her problems with her boyfriends, as I would tell her my problems with girls. At this time, we were both single. When her birthday came, I had arranged a party with all of our friends. Since it was the end of June, and it was so hot, we made it a pool party. Besides her and I, there were 25 other people there. All of which were female, lucky for me! They started playing truth or dare and I got nominated to join. It was ok at first, kinda boring though. Well after the beers started settling in, things got a little exciting. I got to kiss a few of her friends, and see some tits. One thing about me is that I have a tremendous foot fetish. I always have. I love to be barefoot as often as I can. I think for a guy I have very nice feet. They look kinda feminine, since I get them from my mother's side of the family, so I am not embarrassed to show my naked feet. And I love the sight of a woman's bare foot. Especially when the toes are all perfect, and the toenails are painted. Well, my sister knowing about my fetish, decided to be cute and she dared me to suck on her friend Nichole's toes. I got so damn embarrassed to do this. Since it was a pool party, all the girls were barefoot, and me being around 25 barefoot girls, I was totally horny, and shy. I was excited to get to suck Nichole's toes, but I also was bashful. I also was a bit concerned that I could possibly get sick from doing that because of the chlorine from the pool. So I tried to chicken out, but she went to the bathroom to wash off her feet. Here I am, I got stuck with this dare, so I did it. I loved every moment of it. When it was my turn to dare somebody, I dared Nichole to suck my toes. She did it with out hesitating. That felt really damn good. So the fun went on and on for an hour or so with all these dares, which were starting to get a bit "R Rated." Another friend of my sister's named Tina (who is bisexual) got dared to French kiss my sister. And after that Tina dared my sister to French kiss me. We were both real uneasy about that, so we said no. Tina got let down that we wouldn't carry out the dare she proposed, but oh well. Anyway the party started winding down, and when it ended, and every one had left, my sister and I were cleaning up the house, and the poolside area.When we got back inside, and each got showered up, she called me into her bedroom. When I got up there, she was sitting on her bed kinda crying. We talked a little and basically what was bothering her was that she hasn't "been with anybody" for about half a year, and it was depressing her. She said that the little sexual activity that went on with all the dares during the party somewhat turned her on, but also made her sad. reminding her that she has no one. After we talked for a while, and I somehow cheered her up she started asking me these weird questions. Like "why exactly do you like feet so much" and "What did it feel like when you and Nichole sucked each other's toes". I tried to explain it to her the best that I could, about why I like feet so much. It is really hard to say why; I just find women's feet very sexy. Well, she then asked me not to get weirded out, but she was curious what it was like so she asked me if I would suck her toes. I said, "Uuhh I don't think so, you are my sister." That would be weird because I get turned on sucking toes, and it would be we wrong that it's my flesh and blood for gods sake. She said, "Oh come on, it's nothing bad, I just want to see what it is like." And she said, "If you do it to me I'll do it to you." She kept on trying to convince me, so I finally agreed to get her to shut up. Well Crap, she has very pretty feet and toes, and her toenails were painted a nice shiny blue tone, and there I was sucking them. I was getting so horny and turned on, but in the back of my mind I kept thinking that this is so totally wrong. Well when I quit, she said well, come here it is now my turn. She started to suck my toes now. And she looked up at me and saw under my bathrobe that I was Very Hard. She started laughing and started to tease me by moaning. After she was done she said, "Hey lets play a game. Let's play what ever I do, you have to do." So I asked what that was. It's when you do something to someone; they have to do the same thing back to you. I told her "come on we are brother and sister, what are you thinking? She said, "Well in a way we already started that game, we just sucked each others toes." So then she takes her foot, and started sliding it up my bathrobe. And oh my god!! Enough said. Well, I had to then put mine up hers. And she was so wet it was unbelievable. We pretty much just did a little rubbing here and there for a while, then our bathrobes ended up on the floor, and there I was, lying naked with my sister on her bed. She started to go down on me and started stroking my Dick. So at the same time I started to rub her pussy. She then took my dick and put it in her mouth. This was my first blowjob. I went crazy. It felt so good. And as she was sucking, she spun around so her ass was in my face, and we began to 69. I couldn't believe how good her pussy tasted. I never knew what pussy tasted like. But wow, it was so hot, and the juice was so thick. I have only had sex twice before this, and no foreplay at all. So this was absolutely amazing for me. After about 20 minutes of 69ing, she stopped and whispered softly, "Jason, I want you to fuck me so bad." I was in still in awe that this all was happening. I gently took her off of me and slid my dick inside her. She had this incredible look on her face, and was squeezing my back very hard. We were fucking!! Many positions later, I had her toes back in my mouth again as I was pumping her pussy. I asked her: "Since I went along with everything you wanted, I want to do something now." She said, "Ok, anything." I pulled my dick out of her, and I then put her fingers in my mouth, and got them real wet, then I directed them down to her ass. Getting her hole lubricated. She then asked what I was doing. I just said relax. I then grabbed her legs and bent them up towards her upper body, and started to force my Cock into her Ass. This was so unbelievable, it felt so good. I always wondered what anal sex felt like, and I was now giving it to my sister. She loved every minute of it. She started to orgasm from it, so back down to her wonderful pussy I went. It felt like a rainstorm down there she was so wet. Now I was building up to ejaculation, and I told her I was ready to cum. She jumped off of me and told me to let it all out, as she then took every inch of me in her mouth. I started cumming like there was no tomorrow, and she had all of my load in her mouth, swishing it around with her tongue, all over her lips. To my surprise, she spit it onto my toes, and then licked it all off. She got every drop of it back into her mouth again as she then swallowed it. Jesus Christ, this was the best sex I have ever had, and holy shit, it was with my own flesh and blood. The next morning we had a long talk and we realized that if we never had anything to drink, and if the truth or dare never gotten as far as it did, that this would have never happened. It's not like we were drunk or anything, but the little alcohol that we had was a bit mind altering, for this to go on. Well, we agreed that it was weird, and that it would never happen again. 2 months later, after a crappy date I had, I came home in a pretty bad mood. This was the date from hell. And I got totally hurt by this girl. So I was watching TV. An hour later my sister walked in the door and she was feeling the same as I was. It appears that her and the guy she was seeing at the time had broken up. Again, we shared the horrors of our dates that night, and she said "We need to talk Jason. There is something that has been on my mind for quite a few weeks now." "Sure thing, what's up?" I asked. She said, "Look, I know we are brother and sister, and I know that what we did a couple months back might have been wrong, but shit, it happened, and nothing has changed between us. We still are like friends, and don't act any different with each other as we did before it happened." I agreed. "So what are you getting at?" I asked. Are you implying that after the night we both had tonight with our dates, that we should do it again?" She said, "Well I don't see what would be so bad about it. We both agreed that the sex we had with each other was the absolute best we have ever had, and since we are not two people in a relationship obviously, what's the harm if two people who are romantically and sexually frustrated do it together? Who cares if we are related. As long as we are careful and don't get pregnant, who the hell cares?" Well, I kinda had that thought in my mind too. I know that while the sex was initially starting when I was sucking her toes, that I was feeling way too weird, but after we finished, I felt even weirder that night. But when the day passed, and nothing changed between us, I figured (like she did) I don't see what is so bad about two people having sex whether or not you're related to each other. Especially if you both consent to it. So I told her that I shared her opinion. So we looked at each other, (and this is classic) and at the same time, we said: "Wanna Fuck" :-) So whenever we both had crummy dates, or didn't get lucky on a date, and we wanted some action, we would just do each other to release the tension. It was pretty good. Never needed to worry about diseases, never needed to worry about using protection, never needed to worry about anything. We were both com comfortable with each other, so it was great. It was just fun sex. We weren't "Boyfriend and Girlfriend" or anything. We never cuddled on the sofa, or held hands, or bathed together. We were just brother and sister who fucked now and then. I admit, the "Now" was more than the "Then" sometimes. We did play sex games, and used food and toys to make things more interesting, and fun. And sometimes, we did it everyday, even more than once in a single day if one or both of us felt like it. We even video taped it once and put the tape away for viewing later. We pretty much re-enacted how our first time was together on the tape. Starting at the pool barefoot, and coming inside, taking a shower, and we talk, and there I go sucking her beautiful toes. We spiced it up a little. Got rid of the nervous jabber that we (Specially I) had that first night. I lived with her for 5 years. And this went on the whole time I lived there with her. The first time happened around 8 months after I moved in, so basically 4 and 1/3 years we did it. The funny thing is that we never got caught. Sure the two of us lived there together alone, but when we had friends over, or our family. Nothing at all was for anyone to suspect. We didn't tell any of our friends. Not even Tina (the girl who wanted to see us French kiss.) we thought about telling her sometimes, or even showing her the video. But we figured it is our business. And if Tina knew, she might want to be involved and it would get to be more of an affair, than just sex. So we kept it our secret. After the 5 years that I lived with her, I had gotten myself out of debt, paid my car off, I got a good job as a marketing engineer, and I now had good enough credit to buy my own home. So I moved out of my sister's place. Thus the sex slowed down quite a bit. We still had our lousy nights with dates or with life in general. But we had friends to talk with, and sometimes we would talk on the phone about our tales. We still hung out quite a bit, but hardly ever had sex. I'd say we did it about 2 times a month. "Quickie's" every here and there. My house is about 20 minutes from hers, so it's not like we are a great distance from each other. We would hang out at the coffee shop, go see a movie, go to family socials, and go to the beach sometimes, walking on the sand and the water. But whenever we were at each other's houses, it was only to drop something off, or pick something up. On the phone one day when she called just to see how I was doing, which I was doing great. I got a pay raise, and some of my stocks sky rocketed, and I bought a new car earlier that day. It was just a fantastic day. So I shared that news with her, and she told me how her day went, which was pretty good, nothing bad, but nothing spectacular like mine was. We both were in steady relationships with people so life was good. As we were both bullshitting on the phone, I asked her "Hey, what do you think about coming over?" She said, "Sure, I'm free for a few hours, Thomas (who was her boyfriend during that time) is unavailable tonight, and I don't have anything scheduled, except for a business dinner meeting I have to attend at 6:30." I said, "Great, I won't make anything for us to eat then, so we can just have coffee, and watch some TV or play cards." She arrived at 2:00. We caught up on news, reminisced a little, and played cards for a bit. She got up into my kitchen and started to make a pot of coffee, and after it started brewing she came back on the sofa, and kicked off her shoes. I looked down at her bare feet. Smiling, I said, "Jeez in a way, I kinda miss those things." She started laughing, and said: "Well now... I should have though about that before I kicked off my shoes. Hey by the way, what did you want me to come over? We never just hang out at each other's houses. Are you looking for some puss?" I started laughing and said, "Honestly no, there wasn't any intention of that in my mind when I asked you to come over, I just don't feel like going anywhere, and I figured it would be nice to have company, and since we haven't seen each other for a while it would be fun. But hey, since you are barefoot now, and brought it up, it wouldn't be that bad getting some 'puss' as you called it." She laughed, "Yeah, yeah, I know that's not why you called me over. But it has been a while and I don't object." Well we had a few jokes and thought for a while, 1. She had a boyfriend that would be cheating on him if we did it. 2. I wasn't serious with anybody, but I was starting out a little something with a girl I liked. So listening to our consciouses, we agreed not to do anything. I said, "Well shit, put your shoes back on then. Ha! Ha!" She laughed, but never put them back on. After she left, I watched that videotape that we made a few years back. I masturbated to it, and I wished that we would have done it earlier that day, even though my conscious earlier had said "no". So when I was masturbating, while I was reaching Orgasm, I had my digital camera ready, and I sat up in a way that I could cum on my feet. I took a picture of my cummy feet and I e-mailed it to her that night, while she was at her dinner meeting. In the e-mail, I wrote that I didn't care that we were both involved with people. It's not like it would be "Cheating" because there is obviously no love going on, it's just fun. And also we are related so is that really cheating? Even if it is who cares!! We had Incest so we already were doing something unheard of. Well, 2 weeks have gone buy, and I haven't heard from her. So I was like: "Whatever" I don't see how that could have made her uneasy. I watched the video a few times here and there wondering if I ever should have gotten involved with the situation. There was no emotion between us, so I still can't really blame myself. I was just getting worried that something might actually have to be different between our siblinghood now. I started to do some work on the computer when all of a sudden... "You've Got Mail" I looked and she sent me a picture of here naked feet with the same blue polish on her toes that she wore before, and she said "well, look at this, I seem to recall that you sent me a picture of your feet, but the difference between that picture, is that you had cum on your feet, and I don't. Why don't you come over and take care of that." I called her to see if she was home, and she told me "Yep, come on over, we can discuss this a little further." "What, the pictures?" I asked. "No, our whole sex thing" she replied. I said, "Oh, ok, well, I will be over in about 20 minutes or so." When I got to her house, she opened the door, and she was barefoot as usual, so I was thinking oh man. What does she want to talk about... why cant we just fuck like we have all those other times. So I grabbed a beer out of her fridge and sat on her Lay Z Boy recliner, and said, "ok, what do we need to talk about? Is this interfering with our lives now or what? And if it is... your response to my e-mail didn't seem to give me that idea." She said "well... hold on a minute, I have to go to the bathroom" so she went up stairs. And a few minutes later she yelled "Hey Jason, come up here for a second, you gotta see something." When I got upstairs, I went into her room and she was laying naked on her bed and her legs were spread so far apart, and she was sucking her toes on her right foot. She had a little post it note under her belly button that said "Dive on in" with a 'Down' arrow on it. So much to anyone's surprise, my clothes came off so freaking fast and my dick was 7 and 1/2 inches inside of her muff. We fucked for 2 whole hours before I finally couldn't hold back anymore. I shouted to her, "I am gonna cum!!" She said that she wanted my cum. I told her I wanted to do it in her mouth again. So she opened her mouth and pushed her tongue come out a bit with that look of hunger on her eyes. I made sure I got every drop of my cum into her mouth. When I was done, she opened her mouth a little, I could see that it was filled with my white goo. She smiled, closed her mouth, and "Gulp" opened her mouth again and it was com completely gone. "Holy shit!" I yelled, "You are one hell of a sister." She smiled and said, "I want more, it's all gone. So she sucked me vigorously and I came again, about 10 minutes later. Again she took all of it and down her throat it went. When we got done she said well, I think that now we need to have our little talk.I Interrupted and said "yeah well what I think, is that we are amazing together I don't give a rats ass that we are related, or that we may or may not have significant others. You are the best I have ever had, and you said I was the best in your life so I don't care. I see nothing wrong with us continuing to have sex, we have already done it over 50 times probably even 100. So I see no point of us stopping now. She looked at me, "Well, ok, if that's really how you feel, I can't say I feel any different." So I asked why she made it seem like things got bad, she said she was having second thoughts on the whole thing, and that she thought I was feeling uneasy about it all, specially when the time she came over and asked if I was lookin' for "Puss" and I turned it down. So I told her that I wanted to do it, but I didn't want her to think that's all I wanted. Now that it was agreed, she said, "I think you need to take care of me feet now." So I sucked them for quite some time, and fingered her ass for a while, and then I was ready to shoot out a third load, so I let it all out all over her naked feet. After that, we did it more often than before, and even got more risky in the act. We did it at our parents house when we had our family get together's and we did it in public places at night. This went on for several months. After another moment of bliss at my house, I said hey, let's have a talk. I said, "You know, again at the present we are not dating anyone else. We spend almost everyday together. We fuck at the very least every two days, what do you think about not dating anyone anymore, and we move back in with each other again. You could sell your house if you want, you have earned some equity now, so you could get yourself a better car, a new computer, or what ever, and you could move in with me." She said, "I guess I could sell the house, I am tired of it anyway. The only good thing there is the pool, but for just one person, it is a bit much. And expensive too. But what do you mean we should quit dating?" So I told her, "Look, you and I both know that we are happy doing each other, and we are better off when we are both single. I think that there is emotion now going along the sex we have. So if we stopped dating, we could devote our whole time to ourselves." She took some thinking and actually started to see my point. I started to rub her feet (which still had some cum on them, but I didn't mind) as she then asked "So do you mean that we will act like 'Boyfriend and girlfriend' and do 'couple' things together, and bring in romance?" Basically that's what I was thinking, if only the two of us knew, who the hell cares, not I. And I am sure she wouldn't have a problem with that. So I told her how I felt. She said that this was even more strange than what we already had going on. And that she wanted to think about if for a while. After all, just the thing about her selling her house, is big enough, let alone becoming an Item together in such words. I said, "Take your time, just please keep this to yourself, like we have kept everything else, and either way, your decision will not change anything between us. So we laid there naked for quite some time not saying anything, just listening to the Album of Enigma "MCMXCa.d." We drifted off to sleep. The next morning when I woke up she was gone. I thought anyway. I went downstairs to make some coffee, and there she was in the kitchen still naked making her self some breakfast. I asked her if she thought about everything, and came to a decision yet, and she was sure to let me know that it has only been just one night, and that she would need some more time to think about how things would be. She ate her pancakes, and eggs, I got my coffee, and we sat down together at the kitchen table. She said, "Hey... Jay, lets just have fun OK? I will let you know what I want when I know what it is I want." I Agreed. "I wonder how this pancake syrup would taste on your dick" then she smiled. I said, "We better find out." She sucked my sticky maple syrup covered dick for a long time, and when I was ready to cum, I grabbed her plate and came all over her scrambled eggs. Then I fed them to her. Once again, another fantastic moment spent with the perfect girl. She ended up staying with me for the whole week. And we had our little adventures, just about twice everyday. After having sex one day, she told me she was ready to make a decision. She told me that she did want to get rid of her house and move in with me. And that she definitely wanted the sex to continue like there was no tomorrow, and that we could bring some romance into the whole ordeal, but that she did not want to be classified as a couple, and that she wanted to continue doing little dating. But nothing serious. I figured, hell that works for me. So she moved in and we began this lifestyle together. We still after a year haven't dated anyone, and a few times when we would go places, we would hold hands and even kiss. Specially in public where no one was bound to know that we were siblings, and that no one we knew would be anywhere in site. I told her that we are acting like a couple now. I let her realize that we were always happy, never had bad days, we became affectionate even when we were not going at it, the only thing missing were the pet names. She saw my point and said "Well, lets leave things the way they are. I am perfectly very happy." "So am I" I said. One of the worst things that could possibly happen, just happened. No, she is not pregnant. But our Mother found out what was going on between us. What had happened was when my sister moved in to my house we were moving all of her boxes. And in one of her boxes that somehow got left behind and ended up at my Mom's house., was our personal videotape. Since it was not labeled, Mom put it in to see what it was. She watched the whole thing. Even the Oral ejaculation. And the Feet parts. I was so embarrassed for having my mom see me having sex. Especially doing the foot thing. And especially with my sister. She came over one day unexpectedly while my sister and I were screwing. So we threw on some clothes and let her in. she said, "I need to talk to you two." We were curious what she had on her mind. It seemed to be serious. That's when she let us know that she knew what we were doing together, and that she even saw out act on video. She was so upset that she was crying. She couldn't believe that this was going on. She said, and to think... this has been going on for 10 years now. We really didn't know what to do, or how to handle it, or what to tell her. She then said that she would never say a word to anyone ever, and then she said that she also never wanted to see us again. She walked out of my house. My sister and I did not talk at all to each other, or anyone else that whole day. When it was time to go to bed, I went into the bedroom, and she was already laying in the bed. I looked at her and pointed to myself, then the bed, hinting the question: "Can I sleep in here with you" She then patted my side of the bed so I got in. and we still didn't say a single word. We went to sleep. The next morning, to our surprise, we woke and saw Mom sitting at the foot of our bed. I asked her what she was doing. She said that she tried knocking several times, but apparently we were sleeping too deeply that we didn't hear her, so she let herself in. (She does have a key to my house, as I also have one to her house still). She said, "We all need to have a talk." Me and my sister agreed, but we didn't know what to do. We were in bed together naked, and out mom was sitting on the edge of the bed. After over a couple hours of the 3 of us talking, my mom said she was able to forgive us. But she was still a bit disturbed about this. But she said that she could never disown us, and obviously we probably wouldn't be stopping now. Especially after 10 years of doing everything we do together. Our mom read up on some stories about incest, and why it is bad to some people, and not an issue for others. That has been helping her cope with me and my sister. She said she didn't want anyone else to ever find out. Including our Father. She gave us back our videotape, nothing was ever mentioned again with our mother. We never said anything, and she never said anything. And luckily enough, everything is still ok between all of us. At the present time, things are still the same. I am now going on 28, and my sister just turned 35. We are still as wild as ever. Still play with each other's feet, play our games, and play with out toys. We even set some ground rules at my house when she moved in that we still abide by, like always being barefoot at home no matter what, and being naked every Saturday. We bathe each other instead of ourselves, we try one new sex position a week, we try something dirty once a week. A few days ago, we had some cup cakes, and I covered the top of one of them in cum, and made her eat it. And she made the cupcakes using her feet to mix the batter. We are very happy together, and very, very, very, sexually satisfied. We know that what we are doing could be wrong, but we still cease to see what the harm is. This is our life, and we couldn't ask for anything more.

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