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Soaking Tubs and Japanse Ofuors By Dan Jung

When most people think of hot tubs they have the image of large acrylic tubs, jets and lots of people.  However this is not always the case.  As a matter of fact the hot tub originated not as a social means but rather a spiritual need.  In ancient times, soaking in warm water was a way to release stress, sooth bones and muscles, and clear the mind.
The Japanese were famous for this.  They used deep wooden vessels filled with very hot water that were called Ofuros.  The bather came to spiritually unwind as they soaked in deep hot water up to their chin.  There were no jets, no TVs or parties, just tranquility!  The ofuro soaking tub remains very popular amongst those that want to hot tub for the means of pure relaxation.
Bathing in a soaking tub is preferred by many as a more sanitary means of enjoying a spa.  Typically a soaker tub differs from a traditional hot tub in that the water is usually drained after a couple uses.  This type of hot tubbing can be seen as a more sanitary bathing practice.   While most people do not get offended by sharing a spa, there are others that would feel more comfortable not having to share their bathing water for hygienic purposes.  Soaking tubs appeal to those that want privacy and solitude.
No Chemicals -  Unlike a hot tub or spa, soaking tub owners usually enjoy a chemical free experience.  No chlorine or bromine is needed as water changes are more frequent.  This appeals to more and more bathers and is leading the growth in popularity of soaking tubs.
Dan Jung- Is the President and founder of Northern Lights Cedar Tubs Inc. As a leader in authentic wood hot tub manufacturing, Dan Jung writes many informative articles on hot tubs tips and tricks. The mostmon problems with hot tub and spas are often the simplest to fix! Dan'spany believes strongly in natural and alternative spa sanitation. Consumers are asking for a low chemical sanitation that is also easy to use. Visit Northern Lights Cedar Tubs cedartubs cedartubs for more information or email sales cedartubs sales cedartubs
Dan_Jung Dan_Jung
height="90" width="86" Dan-Jung_193751 Dan Jung - Dan Jung

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