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Daddys Girl (1)

Daddys Girl - Part 1

By Shirley - Oct 24, 2008 - From incest_taboo. Incest and Taboo - Views - 184798 I started developing early, I don't think my Dad realised. Mum did, of course, otherwise I wouldn't have known as much as I did. I always wondered why Mum never said anything but she let me sit on Daddy's lap after my bath on a Friday night. I only ever wore my nightie and at times I'd have one on that was too small for me and I knew it showed my pussy. Anyway, by the time I was 18 I had a good little figure, my breasts were small it's true, but they stuck straight out from my chest and I loved my little pink nipples, not only that but when I played with my pussy it had become much more exciting, and I always got wet too, Mum said that it was normal.
I used to tease Dad by wriggling around an his lap so that I could feel his dick against my little pussy, it always felt so exciting. I thought that, by now, Daddy should have seen that I was growing up and I wanted him to know. I tried to think of what to do to make him notice, he certainly didn't seem to notice when I wriggled around on his dick! Daddy always put me to bed, he'd done it ever since I could remember, so I thought I'd let him see my pussy as I got into bed and see what happened. The next Friday night as I sat on his lap I felt the soft bulk of his dick underneath me so I was well in the mood.
He took me up to bed after we'd watched the programme we always watched on a Friday night. I had deliberately put on an old nightie that was far too short, Dad being Dad wouldn't look downstairs, so when I got into bed I made sure that I put one leg on the bed as I sat down then lifted the other in keeping them well apart. I knew that this would show my pussy. I saw the shock on Daddy's face as he inadvertently looked between my legs and saw my well developed pussy. I got into bed saying nothing except 'Goodnight' as he kissed me. I snuggled down thinking of Daddy seeing my pussy, my hand went down and I began playing with myself, thinking how much I'd like Daddy to touch me there.
The following Friday I again wore an old nightie, this time I noticed that Daddy looked, it thrilled me. I climbed on his lap and wriggled my bum onto his dick, he told me to keep still and I saw that his face was red. As the programme started I lifted my bum a little and pulled my nightie up from underneath me, this meant that my bare pussy was only separated from Daddy's dick by his trousers and pants. I wriggled a bit more and to my joy felt his dick begin to get hard, I made sure that my pussy lips ran along his dick. I could feel Daddy trying to lift me away but I said, "Don't do that Daddy, " and he stopped. So all through the programme I could feel his hard dick against the softness of my pussy and I knew that I was getting wet, like I did when I played with myself.
When we got upstairs I quite openly showed Daddy my pussy as I got into bed, his dick was still hard and he couldn't stop looking. All innocent I said, "Do you like looking at my pussy Daddy?" He went all red faced and said, 'You shouldn't be showing yourself like that, Shirley." "Why not?" I asked, "You're my Daddy, you've see me lots of times." He sort of coughed and said, "I know, sweetheart, but you're growing up now, it's different." "But Daddy I've seen you looking at Mummy when she hasn't anything on and she's all grown up. Does it make your dick hard Daddy, when you look at her, it felt hard when I was sitting on your lap. It was nice." Daddy was still looking, I felt very excited and knew that I was getting all wet again. He bent over me lifting my leg and making sure I was in the bed before kissing me goodnight, "Your dick is all hard, I can see it, " I said and put my hand up and felt it through his clothes.
"Stop it, you're not to do that, little girls don't touch their Daddy's dick, just go to sleep!" He went downstairs, I jumped out of bed and went to the door. I heard him telling Mum, "Don't be silly Ted, " Mum said, "she's just growing up, that's all, I'd far rather she played with your dick than some spotty faced boy at school!"
The next Friday I put on a longer nightie, I saw Daddy looking and when I sat on his lap I wriggled around as usual. I felt him get hard, but he didn't say anything. Upstairs I showed him my pussy, "Daddy, please would you like to touch my pussy, " I said. He was staring between my legs and I could see that he was still hard, "You're a naughty girl, " he said, then he began stroking the inside of my thigh, his hand going ever higher until he was touching my pussy. He was breathing hard, "You're a very pretty girl, " he said, "like your mother, you have a beautiful fanny!" He started stroking my pussy very, very gently, "Is that what you want?" he asked.

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