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Sex With My Sleeping Husband

Sex with my Sleeping Husband

By Tammy & Tom - Oct 13, 2008 - From erotic- stories-women. Stories for women - Views - 43667 I work normal hours, starting at 6 am and home by 4 pm. Not bad hours though. My husband is a contractor of sorts. He has a schedule to service restaurant cooking equipment. Sometimes he is up and gone before I am, sometimes not. Depending on his schedule, he is able to do that.
This one day he had left the house at 3am. He had worked all day. He said he was tired and all he wanted to do was shower, take a short dip in our hot tub and go to bed. He headed to the shower.
“Do you want something to eat I asked. He said, “no I’m too tired and it’s too cold. Just a hot shower and my hot tub I’ll be fine” He didn’t know it but I had been watching a skin flick on DVD. My pussy was still slick with moisture. I just knew Tom would smell the sex pheromone on me. I was wrong He didn’t say a word about. Normally he gets the slightest hint of my wet snatch his cock stands up hard and proud. He didn’t do anything. He must have been tired.
Any way while he was showering I continued watching the DVD and fingering my wet slit. This movie there was a couple in the 69 position with this chick on top. She had her mouth over this guy’s cock and it looked like the cock’s head was in this middle of her throat. Damn I had never been able to deep throat anyone of my past lovers. Even Tom. I kept playing with my pussy until I heard the shower water stop and Tom was finished. He came out with a towel and headed to the spa. I was close to a finishing orgasm when the shower stopped. I picked up where I had been forced to stop. I was rubbing my G-spot with such force; I knew it wouldn’t be long. Then an earthly explosion of female cum came forth. I slowly came back to earth and realized & Tom would be in soon. I was so horny all day. I wanted to fuck my husband.
He came back in the house & he was naked as he got in bed. I told him how I had been feeling, all he said, was “That’s nice dear” He was asleep soon after that. I got to thinking. I was still so wet it was a shame to waist it. I lay down beside Tom and continued the assault with my fingers and my thumb. I was about to get my nuts off, when I noticed a tent that Tom had made in his sleep. I thought. How cute, a 40 year-old man with 14 year old youngster’s piss hard-on.
I thought to myself, Should I? Why the hell not? It’s mine. I started rubbing his woody ever so lightly. Tom’s dick was flexing every time I got near the tip. Rubbing the base with my thumb as my fingers reached the top of his helmet. Lightly touching the slit would really make it jump. I had never seen it so hard and ridged. Tom started low moaning sounds as I rubbed. I threw the sheet back cause it was in my way. I straddled him in a reverse cowgirl position with out making him move. Then slowly rose up enough to get his dick in proper position and slowly lowered my cunt over his childish hard-on until I hit bottom on his 7 ½ “. He moaned ah little louder and moved his hips up to meet my moisture covered little hole.
Tom was still asleep. I wanted to see if I could get him off with out him waking up. I started to go back and forth and then up & down in short strokes. He was moaning persistently now, but still sleeping. I thought about it ah minute or so. I went as high as I could with out him coming out and back down. I was about to cum myself. I didn’t want to just yet and fought it off. Tom was beginning to stir a little. He made some movements like he wanted to roll over on his side. I rolled with him, careful not to cause him to come out of my grip.
We were now in the spooning position. He was fucking his wife and didn’t even know it. I was moving up to get all of him deep in my hole. I felt the tension in his balls as his cock swelled a bit more. He started to cum deep and hard. I moved back against him to get all of cum out of his cock. I used my cunt to milk him dry.
I felt my orgasm as well. I nearly always do when that hot cum hits my womb. “OH “FUCK I'M CUMMING!" I was nearing the top of my orgasm when I started to squirt my cum all over him. Here comes another one, FUCK! I'M CUMMING!". “OH Gawd! Tom, you’re making me cummmm”. I had this orgasm so hard that I had gotten cramps in my toes. I couldn’t move for a while. I looked behind me at Tom, he had a smile on his face, but he was still sleeping like baby. I cuddled back against him and stayed there with his cock still in me. It was nice knowing that I had gotten my husband’s rocks off with out him even knowing it. I had a smile on my face & soon I was sound asleep.
A few hours later, still half asleep I felt pressure on my clit. I woke up to his cock thrusting into me Tom was fucking me. I pretended to be asleep just to find out what he was going to do. I rolled over on my stomach. I wanted to see if he would take me in the ass like I had always wanted him to do, Tom never liked the idea of anal fucking. I raised my butt up to offer ass to him like a bitch dog in heat. He drove his member deep in my snatch. I moaned a lot to get him enticed a bit more. He backed out ah little, I really thought he was going to try my butt. He started to finger my cunt with deep movements to moisten his finger and then I felt his finger putting pressure at my bung. He moved his finger in real slow. It felt so heavenly and I was about to cum again.
I raised my ass to him, (still pretending to be sleeping.) Tom snuggled in close as his dick was at my ass entrance. A few short pushes and plop! Tom was in my butt. He started to fuck my ass with short shallow thrusts. I knew he couldn’t last long. I started to fuck him back. I awoke and told him to fuck my ass hard. The next push he went to the bottom. Tom ‘s balls were slapping my butt cheeks with every thrust. I lost it. . “OH FUCK TOM I'M CUMMING! OH Gawd! TOM ram that dick in my ass. Fuck me. Cum in my butt Darling. You can do it now. Come on. give it me hard. ”Oh Yeah Baby, That’s It, Let Me Have All Of It”
We finished our session and held each other’s embrace close. I awoke first. Tom still had ah slight smile on his face as he slept… The next morning I asked him “What got in to you, taken advantage of my ass while I lie there sleeping”
“I woke up and found all of your bear nothingness close to my dick and it just had a mind of it’s own”
“Wow Tom, You not going to get any complaints from me. I loved it !!!. You think you could do that again, Fuck my ass I mean!. I loved that feeling when your warm cum shot in my butt. We can work on it he said, but right now I must go to work.
“Tom are you sure you wanna work today? I let my bathrobe slip of my shoulders and it dropped to the floor in a pile. “Are you sure you wanna work today” I started rubbing my choochie with long deep movements and I pinched my right nipple hard. They stood out like he always liked. I moved my snatch moisture covered fingers to his mouth and back to mine. That is all it took. His dick begins to grow in his uniform pants. I wiggled my ass at him and winked at his cock.
Tom was out of his uniform in seconds. He said, “That dish machine in that greasy spoon restaurant is going to have to wait, ”So Baby. Turn around Bend over and Hang On”’ I obeyed his command. The moisture was trickling down my legs. Tom placed his cock and my closely trimmed opening and thrusted forward. His dick hit my womb and stayed there flexing his dick. That felt so great. Withdrawing until the tip was still inserted in me? He started fucking my hungry pussy fast and furiously; all the while he was working his thumb into my bung. I was at the edge and seconds later he pulled out and aimed his love tool at my butt.
With one push he was in my ass again, twice in less than 6 hours. “Oh Tom, this is fantastic. Love me like you mean it & fuck my booty” Beads of sweat was dripping off his face and on my butt cheeks. I looked back at Tom. He was having a new experience fucking my ass. All these years he had been missing out on using my ass as another love hole. Needless to say he stayed home and we fucked most of the day. We made love in the sunroom, his den, and kitchen even the laundry room. Now that was another story in it-self. Try screwing while sitting on the dryer while it’s running at top speed. WoW!

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