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Part 2 Use These Examples to Create Unique Videos That Generate Massive Website Traffic

Part 2 Use These Examples to Create Unique Videos That Generate Massive Website Traffic

In the first part of this two-part article series, we began to discuss creating a video or series of videos in order to promote your business products or services in previous articles. The idea is to produce a unique video or series that will pique interest and drive massive traffic to your website, blog or squeeze pages. Here in part two, we'll continue that theme and add more online examples for you to consider as well. As before, in each category I've tried to include two or three examples for variety of theme illustration. The videos listed are from YouTube, with others from the Metacafe video posting website. Let's pick up with number six.
6. Gross - Try using key words like awful, disgusting, terrible, insane, horrible, perverted and revolting to associate ideas, concepts and situations to your wares, whatever they may be. Look for unusual records in the Guinness Book of Records as shown in these examples.
Lady Popping Her Eyes Out (Guinness Book of Records)
Link: watch? watch?v=HX_5zIXxKEU
See also the video titles: "Watch Da Big Lady Elephant Her Name Is in the Guinness Book Of World Records" and "Making Scars with Bubble Gum".
7. Sexy - I've said it before, I'll say it again, many people may not like it but sex sells. It likely always has, and likely, it always will to some extent. Companies and campaigns from food, politics to clothing, cars, appliances and schools or even power tools continue to use "sexy" ads and commercials. Why? Because they work, that's why. But sexy videos need not be risqué, distasteful or x-rated. Take a look at these covertly sexy ones for example.
Chinese Girls - Amazing Contortionists
Link: watch? watch?v=JhL8OncB5CU
See also the video titles: "Photo Shoot of Riya Sen", "Sexy Korean Commercial", "Sexy Korean Commercial for Lemon Tea" and "Chinese Super Sexy High Quality Song" (sung in Chinese).
8. Funny - Who doesn't love humor? If your video can make people laugh or even just smile, you've got a winner on your hands. Think of comic, humorous angles related in some way to your service or product.
Beer Portal
Link: watch? watch?v=m5MK6XElfx4
See also the video titles: "Funny novelty fishing lures that really catch fish!", "Mr. Bean Dancing to an East Indian Song" and "A Really Funny Sports video clip".
9. Shocking - Could you associate your products and services with any surprising, stunning, stupendous or stupefying experiences, images or situations?
Giant Anaconda Attacks dog
Link: watch? watch?v=0XSNlhWCPJk
See also the video clips: "Hurray for the Bull"and "The Most Terrifying Bull Ride".
10. Weird - Use words and phrases like odd, strange, dumb, silly, unusual, and unique to start and continue brain storming sessions to come up with possibilities, situations and ideas for your promotional videos.
World's largest Piranha (world record)
Link: watch? watch?v=zc2NJDqkqPw
See also the video clip titles: "Incredible Night Fishing" video and "Weirdest Animals on the Planet".
Hopefully, you've been inspired enough by these examples to come up with your own original video segment ideas to generate massive traffic to your website or blog or squeeze pages. These examples are but a few of the literally hundreds of thousands of videos available online. YouTube alone has more than one million vides at the time of this writing. Look around at others. You can Google search additional video websites to generate as much input and as many unique ideas as you can. Soon you too will be producing your own personalized videos to build your niche marketing lists and online profits.

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