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Grampas Girl

Grampas Girl

By Dreamwalker - May 14, 2008 - From incest_taboo. Incest and Taboo - Views - 85457 My name is Trisha, and I just turned fifteen. Today, it’s a cold, rainy, Saturday, and I am standing in the kitchen washing dishes, when I start to think about my Grampa. He’s dead now, but I really had some fun times when I went to his apartment every weekend, it is the things we did in private that I really missed. My story begins when I’m thirteen. I have just started spending Saturdays with my step-grandfather. Without asking me, my parents decide that I need to help him with some household chores. It seems that Grampa is getting old, forgetful, and his small apartment is always messy. I hate the whole idea of course, because I would rather be left alone to play, explore, and learn about life. I grumbled, and cussed under my breath that first Saturday as we drove to Grandpa’s place.I just knew that I would have to spend the entire day, dusting, moping, and doing the dreaded dishes. When we pulled into his driveway, Grampa is in his porch swing wafting for us. I got out of the car, and went toward him, smiling, and trying to look happy to see him. He put his arms out to me as I approach him saying, “Hi sweety how’s my favorite pumpkin today.”I leaned into his arms gave him and hug and answer, “Hi Grampa, fine I guess.”He gave me kiss on the check and asks, “Okay, what’s the matter sweetheart? ”I looked around to see where my parents were before I replied. I see they are busy getting the cleaning supplies out of the trunk. I move up close to Grampa’s ear, put on my saddest puppy dog look and answer, “I really don’t want to be here to do your housework. Gross, do I have too?”He gave me a funny look, then glances at the car and whispers, “Let’s wait until they are gone, then we can talk, okay.”I giggle and say, “Oh boy, does Grampa have a surprise for me?”He didn’t say anything in response, because by then mom and dad were on the porch.My father looks at him and says, “Hi dad. Do you remember our conversation about your messy house? Well, Janice and I thought that maybe you would like Trisha to help you tidy up the place a bit. I know she doesn’t have a lot of experience, but she can be a big help to you.” Dad then glances at me and suggests, “Now you behave yourself and do what he says, or you’ll be punished when you get home.”I frown, wanting to scream no at the top of my lungs, “screw-you, ” but knew I’d better not. So I just answer, “I hear yah, I’ll behave, I promise.”Mom then gave me a hug, kissed my cheek, and said, “That’s my girl. We need to get going; we’ll return around four o’clock to pick you up. Trisha, try and have a good time, okay?”I hug both of them and reply, “I’ll try, good-bye”I then sat on the porch swing while Grampa told them goodbye. He then joins me on the swing. We watch the car drive out of sight. Grampa then looks over at me, smiles, winks, and says, “I don’t know about you, but I hate housework.”I pout, glare at him in anger, and shout, “You’re not the only one; it isn’t my idea to come help you today.”Grampa laughed saying, “Aww, honey, don’t give me that sad face. Come with me, I have a surprise for you.”My eyes lit up and I smile, “You do, what is it, tell me Grampa, I can’t wait!”He took my hand, got up and led me to the door saying, “Why don’t you come with me. I show it to you?”We walk into his small apartment. Once inside, I look around, the place is clean and tidy. Grampa put his arm around my shoulder and asks, “Well, what do you think…not bad for an ole man huh?”I giggle, jump, and squeal, “Wow, I thought I’d be all day cleaning for you.”His eyes twinkle with excitement. “Well honey, don’t tell your parents I said this, but I know how much they are always bugging you. It seems they don’t give you time to be a kid, but then again, you not a kid anymore…you’re turning into a beautiful young lady.”I flew into his arms, and start kissing him all over his face while yelling, “Thanks Grampa!” I then gave him one of my-serious- looks, and asks, “What do you mean, I’m not a kid anymore? I still am one!”He pulls me onto his lap and explains, “Trisha, I notice your body is starting to change. I bet you got bigger bumps for tits too.” Grampa took my hand, looks into my eyes and asks, “Can we play a little game, sugar?”My eyes lit up and I giggle and squeal, “Ooooh, I just love playing games with you Grampa! ”Grampa got quiet with a serious look on his face for a moment. He then said, “First thing we need to do is keep this game our little secret. Can you do that?”I clap my hands, and shout, “Yessss, I love keeping secrets, especially from mom and dad! What do we do to start this game?”Grampa ran his hand down my back in a ticklish kind of way and suggests, “I start, by trying to guess what color panties you have on dear. If I am right, you don’t have to show me, but if I am wrong, you must take your shorts and panties off and show them to me, okay.” I trust him, so without hesitation I reply, “Oh this sounds like fun. Okay, what color undies am I wearing?”Grampa frowns, acts like he is thinking hard, then said, “Yellow ones with white Pokka dots.”I laugh so hard I almost lost my balance. I stood up and yell, “You’re wrong, they are blue!” I then remove my shorts to prove it, then look at Grampa and ask, “Do I have to take em off?”He licks his lips, and said, “Yes, it’s part of the game.”So, I remove them and show them to Grampa. I’m then standing before him in just my t-shirt as I didn’t wear a bra. As I watch him his expression changes; his eyes lit up, he shook kind of funny, and grabs his crotch. I wonder to myself then ask, “What in heck is wrong with you?”He stops, then didn’t do anything but smile and reply, “Oh nothing, I’m just looking at your nice body. You are becoming a young woman honey.” He paused, and kind of mumbles, ---”Ah….oh, Trisha, can you take off your shirt and let me see all of you. I bet you’re really pretty when you don’t have clothes on.”I flash him a frown, as I begin to think if what I was doing is right. I ask, “Is this part of the game?”He fiddles with his hands and said, “Yes, it’s part of the game.” He paused as if thinking and then said, “I tell you what, if I remove my shirt will you.”I giggle and reply, “Well you should take it off, after all you didn’t guess right.”He smiles and admits, “Well Trisha, you got me there.” He took it off then suggests, “Want to remove yours now?”I wink at him, twiddle my fingers, pause for a moment, then squeal, “How about I guess what color your undies are? If I am wrong, you need to take em off!”His eyes lit up, and he smiles, which tells me he really likes this game. “Okay, guess what color they are, ” he giggles.I shift my weight, smirk and answer, “They are white, because men always wear white undies.’Grampa stands up, unzips his pants, took them and his undies off and yells, “Look you’re wrong, they are red!” We are both standing there naked now. As I look at him, his cock is big and somehow I get this funny feeling inside my private area, just like I do when I masturbate. I found out that is what it’s called when I got to stay overnight with my girlfriend Tammy. After everyone else is in bed and checking to make sure we are alone, she got out a book to show me. The book is about sex. It explains how men and woman masturbate. I guess Tammy already knew how because she laid the book down and told me to watch her. Afterwards, she taught me how to do it. Wow, I liked it and it made me feel real good.Grampa could see that I am acting kind of funny, and asks, “What’s wrong Trisha?”I look at him, thinking I have done something wrong, and answer, “I don’t know. . .I feel kind of funny.”He came over put his arm around me and told me to sit down on the sofa. “Funny, what do you mean, baby? You can tell me after all it’s our secret game.” I smile then and confess, “My private area is all tingly and wet.”He grins, put his arm around me and with a reassuring voice answers, “You are becoming a lady baby. By the way, that private area between your legs is what men call a pussy.”I laugh and gave a big sigh of relief. “I know that silly, I’m just being carefully. You see, I’m not supposed use that word, because momma says it’s not nice to say it.”Grampa laughs and says, “It’s not really a bad word honey, it’s just one that grown-ups use. Children should not talk that way. You’re right about being careful, but you can use it around me ok.”He sits there holding me and running his hands down my back. It really feels good too. I then look down at his crotch and notice his pecker if getting hard. I point to his cock, laugh out-loud and say, “Grampa, why is your pecker getting hard?”He blushes and admits, “It’s does that because I’m thinking about how pretty and sexy you are without clothes. When men see a nice looking woman, their pecker’s as you call it, gets hard.”I watch it closely and confess, “My girlfriend has this book about sex. It shows what happens to men and woman when they are feeling sexy. I look at him, and ask, “Are you feeling that way about me Grampa?”He answers, “Yes baby. Oooh, if I could just touch you! Will you let me baby? I can show you another way how to feel good.” Since he has not given me any reason not to trust him, I don’t hesitate and squeal, “You can? Show me how!”He kissed my cheek and suggests, “It think it would be more com comfortable for us to do this on my bed.”I nod my head in agreement. Grampa then picks me up and walks toward his bedroom. While in his arms, I can feel anxious; my heart is beating like crazy, and I wonder if Grampa can hear it. Once inside his room, he lays me down on the bed. In my mind I’m wondering if we should be doing anything, because I hear momma’s words echoing inside my head. I can remember her telling me not to let any man touch my private area. I think for a bit about it then shake that idea out of my head and tell myself, ‘This is Grampa, he makes me feel very special, and that can’t be wrong.’ Although I don’t com completely understand what is happening, I let him touch me. I think he senses my apprehension, because he kisses my lips softly and kind of cradles me in his arms. The he spoke to me with a calm, soft, voice, saying “You’re Grandpa’s sweet special girl. Don’t be afraid, I won’t harm you. This is going to be fun for the both of us. Just remember, it’s our secret.”I relax a little and answer, “I like being your special girl Grampa. My lips are zipped, I won’t tell anyone, even my girlfriend.” He replies with a reassuring voice, “Good! Now, spread your legs, Grampa wants to kiss your pussy.”I spread them, and watch Grampa anxiously. He carefully got between my legs with his face about an inch from my pussy. When I feel his breath on my pussy, I tremble all over. Then he kisses it.When he did that, I shriek, “Oooooh Grampa that feels good, do it some more!”He did just that too, but this time when he kisses it, he licks it too, and I begin to shake. As I watch in wonder, Grampa pulls the lips apart, and examines the whole area, like my doctor does, except, this feels better. Grampa licks his lips, smiles and asks, “Does my special girl like that?”By then I am panting and trembling all over. With a quivering voice I admit, “Yes, please do more of that, whatever you are doing….I like it!?Grampa resumes kissing my pussy as he looks into my eyes, while watching my reaction. He stops kissing my pussy long enough to ask, “Baby, can Grampa make you cum?”When I look into Grampa’s face, I can see the love he has for me. I’m not sure what he is talking about. So I giggle, shiver, and yell, “How you going to do that, without rubbing it with your fingers, like I do?”I feel him tremble all over, and I am not sure why. However, he seems to be happy and enjoying our little game. Grampa smiles and answers, “I’m going to use my tongue to show you how you can cum without me using my fingers.”I smile back and answer, “Ooooh my, with your tongue? I cannot wait to see that happen!”Grampa resumes playing with my pussy, opening it up once more. He ran his tongue all over it, even inside the hole.I start to shake, and shove my pussy into his face while squealing, “Ooooooh Grampa that feels good, keep it up!”He continues to lick my whole pussy, and then Gramps flicks his tongue across my sensitive love button.All I could do is gasp for breath, shake all over, close my eyes and scream, “Oooooooooooooh-God-yessssssssssss!”I’m surprised that my reaction is much stronger than it is when I use my fingers. I end up covering Grampa’s whole face with cum. After cleaning up every drop, he moves up beside me, and took me into his arms. I look into his eyes and say, Oh, it feels so good to, finally have someone who loves me just like I am, and doesn’t yell at me, all day like my parents do.Grampa replies, “I’m glad you like what we did sugar.” He then kisses me on the lips, and I like it. He winks and asks, “Want Grampa to show you how men cum? You don’t have to do anything sweety, just watch, okay?”With wide eyes, I watch curiously as Grampa strokes his pecker. He starts slowly, and then goes fast and hard. He held his free hand in front of his pecker and came in it.Grampa then looks up and suggests, “Want to taste it?”Well, of course I do, after all he ate mine and I’m curious. I lean over, then ran my tongue through the gooey, salty liquid and discover that I like the taste.Afterwards we snuggle up against each other on the bed. Grampa looks into my eyes and asks, “Did you like our little game, baby?”My whole body is still quivering with excitement. I giggle, snuggle closer, and respond, “I sure did! When can we play that game again?”Grampa replies, “Well baby, if you can keep our secret, we can play this game every time you come over alone.”I kiss him and answer, “My lips are sealed. Oh, I cannot wait until next Saturday!”From that day on, my parents no longer had any problems getting me to go to Grampa’s place. Nowadays, when Saturday arrives I always look forward to visiting Grampa. Some time we’d clean house and on other days play naked games, where he’d teach me about sex. It’s has been going on for about six months now, and so far no one had caught onto “our little secret.”It’s Friday night and I’m lying in the tub pampering myself with a bubble bath while daydream about what we’ll do tomorrow. I start pretending that Grampa’s is washing me. His hands rub the washcloth across my nipples until they are hard little peaks, and tremble and coo with desire. He then caresses every inch of my pussy, paying close attention to my clit. I bite my lip to keep from screaming out as I climax. I got out of the tub, dry off, and then walk into the bedroom to look at my body in the full length mirror. I love the way my own body is developing. I stand for a few minutes in front of the mirror examining myself. I run my hands down my body. When I came to my breasts, I noticed a big change. No longer were they puffy little mounds with tiny buds; they have turned into a nice set of tits, with a good B almost C cup size. I roll my nipples making them hard.I whisper so now one can hear me, “Oh God, I bet Grampa will like these twin babies.”As I gaze farther down my torso, I see there are a few more hairs covering my pussy, and my hips were more round and full. I sigh, ‘Not bad for my five-foot stature of a mere hundred pounds.’I just can’t wait to visit Grampa tomorrow and tell him he was right when he said, “Playing with your tits and cunt will make em grow.”I went over to the closet and ruffled through my clothing wondering what to wear. Mainly because I want to look casual so my parents would begin to question my motives. Then it dawns on me. I could wear my one piece jumper-short type outfit and go commando. I can carry my panties in my purse, that way I can put them on before going home and no one will ever suspect a thing. After that, I walk over to the dresser and got out the blue garment and some panties. Next I grab my purse and place all the items on the chair next to my bed. I snicker and whisper, “Oh yeah, this ought to be just the right thing to wear and fool Grampa.”Next, I put on my nightie and climb into bed. I just couldn’t help but raise the gown up and masturbate as more visions of what we would be doing tomorrow ran through my head. I bit my lip to keep from screaming as another climax surges through me.I feel asleep and the next thing I hear is mother’s voice and gentle tug on my arm, “Trisha, time to wake up dear.”I sat up rub my eyes and ask, “What time is it mom?” She replies, “Its nine o’clock dear. Now hurry and to get dressed and come eat some breakfast, because today you’ll be going to Grampa’s again.”My eyes lit up and a mischievous grin crosses my face. “”Oh, I cannot wait to go see him!”Mom looks at me kind of weird and asks, “Oh really! Why the change of heart? Last week it was like pulling teeth to get you to go.”I blush, and lie saying, “Well, Grampa made cleaning house look like fun. Not only did he help me, but he teased and tickled me often. He also told me he’d hidden ten bucks somewhere and the first one who finds it gets to keep it. I found it. Hum, wonder if he’ll do the same thing today.”She laughed, “Well dear, I’m glad you had fun. Now come eat so we can get going, momma has a lot of shopping to do while you’re at Grampa’s.”I wait until she is well out of sight. Then hurry around the room putting my plan into action. I grab my purse, and shoved the pair of panties in it. I decide I’m not wearing a bra either, as I usually don’t. With trembling finger I put on the jumper. My pink nipples harden and moisture covers the hairs of my pussy. I hope that no will notice.I rushed into the kitchen, quickly ate, then told my parents, “Hurry up, I’m ready to go!”My dad flashes my mom and questioning look and she rolls her eyes and says, “I’ll explain later dear. Now, let’s get going I have a lot of things I need to do.”We climb into the car and drive off toward Grampa’s house. With every mile, I can feel beads of sweat form on my forehead, as I become more aroused. I roll down my window a bit to cover up the scent of my pussy and to cool off.As we pull up the road toward Grampa’s I notice he is sitting on the porch swing. I smile calmly, but my insides are screaming, ‘Oh yeah, time to have some sexy fun!’Dad parks the car and I bolt out the door like a scared rabbit being chased by dogs. Dad looks and comments, “Looks like Trisha, is raring to go already. Who’d ever thought she’d like housework.”Mom laughs and then tells dad, “Well she told me, Grampa made house cleaning a game and also hid some money for her to find. Wonder if that would work in getting her to clean her room?”I heard Dad laughing but not was said because I was too busy running into Grampa’s arms.He scoops me up into his arms and kisses my cheek. His strong arms, sexy smile and twinkling blue eyes make me tingle all over.He sits down with me on his lap and asks, “How’s my pumpkin today?”I wiggle my but into his crotch feeling his swollen member and chirp, “I’m fine Gramps, now that I’m with you.”When my parents come onto the porch, Grampa keeps me on his lap, I guess to hide his growing cock.Dad came over and shakes his hand, “We can’t stay long, Dad, Janice has a lot of shopping to do.” He then looks at me and says, “Have fun, and Trisha, behavior yourself.”I reply, “I will, I promise. Good-bye, see yahs all later.”The two of us watch them drive out of sight. Then Grampa snuggles up against my neck and says, “Trisha, sweety, my beautiful young woman, how about skipping the housework and going straight to my bed for some sexy fun?”His words make me tingle with so much desire I want to take my clothes off right then and there.I squeal, “Whoopee, no housework. Oh Grampa, I have something to show you, but only after you guess what color my panties are. I want to do something different this time, if you guess wrong, you need to take all your clothes off”He nods in agreement and together we walk arm and arm into the house. Once inside the place, he picks me up and carries me to the bedroom.Grampa lays me on the bed and answers, “You’re wearing blue ones to match your outfit?”I bust out laughing and yell, “Ha-ha, nope you’re wrong! Now you have to strip!” He laughs, looks at me seriously and said, “Prove it!”I blush, pulled over the leg of my shorts to show him my bare pussy and yell. “You’re wrong because, see, I’m not wearing any!”I though for a moment he is going to pass out, as his eyes bulge out and he has this weird expression on his face. However, instead he just grins, unzips his trousers and lowers them. Oh God, he’s not wearing any underwear either, as my gaze looks at his large engorged cock in from of me. “Trisha, ” He says quietly, “Look what you did to my cock!”“Oooh Grampa, your pecker is getting so hard!” I squeal in response.He walks up to me and places his trembling hand on my right shoulder. With a low growl like moan in his voice he asks, “Let me see that sweet pussy, baby!” With trembling hands, I blush as I tug playfully at the buttons on my outfit. I slowly slide the garment off my shoulder exposing my swollen breasts with hard nipples, and I hear him sigh. I continue to watch his reaction, as I remove it, throwing it in the corner. I stand nude just inches from him now and he drawls, “Ooooh yeah!”I detect a small amount of spittle escaping from the side of his mouth.Showing concern, at what I see, I ask, “You okay Grampa?”He lies down on the bed as he hisses, “Yes! Trisha, come lay on the bed with me.I walk over and climb onto the bed and lie down next to Grampa. I then move my pussy within inches of his face and spread my legs wide. All the excitement has every one of my pussy hairs on fire, and I began to rub my pussy as he watches.With a little girl’s voice I purr, “Oh Grampa, see what you did to my pussy. “As his eyes ogle to my pussy, he inhales the intoxicating aroma and gurgles, “Aaarrrggghhhh.” Then pauses briefly then groans, “Mmmm so wet and young!” His hot breath itself almost makes me climax and I shout, “Oh my, Grampa.” His rough thumb starts playing with my clit, as the index finger slid slowing into the pink hole. He begin teasing it lightly, pushing it in a little at a time. I scream, “Oh God, keep doing that I like it!” Grampa then asks, “Are you a virgin baby?”I look at him kind of weird not really understanding what that meant and yells, “Hell no, you are the only person who has touched my pussy Grampa.”He gazes lovingly into my eyes and ask, “I know that honey. Have you ever slid anything in your hole?”I giggle, blush, and flash him a seductive look and purr, “Only my fingers why?He replies with a calm reassuring tone, “Every young girl has a membrane inside their hole. They are not a woman, until it’s been entered, or what we men call broken. Do you understand baby?”I wink and said, “Sure we talk about that in health class at school. How can I tell if I have one?”Grampa winks, “I can check for you if you want me too. I must warn you though, it might hurt a little bit, and then it will go away?”I make a face and say, “Will it hurt a lot?”He continues to rub my clit and answered, “Not really. Do you still want me to check baby?”I nod my head in agreement, not really knowing what he will find.Grampa resumes sliding his index finger inside the hole slowly, watching my reaction as he check me. When his finger met my hymen he moans, “Hummm, ” and pushes against it.My first reaction is fear, and I cry out, “Grampa that hurts!” With a calm reassuring voice he stops cradles me in his arms, and replies, “Aww baby, I’m sorry! Let me take a look and see if my baby is okay.”Grampa moves and places his mouth against my pussy. Then to my surprise starts covering it with kisses. He then separates the lips and slithers his tongue from my clit to hole, licking and tasting the sweet nectar.I watch in awe, while Grampa’s tongue works its magic. Once again his finger slowly enters my hole. All of the sudden, it doesn’t hurt anymore. I start panting and I grab his head and thrust my pussy up in his face wanting more.With a quiver in my voice I shout, “Oh, Grampa, keep doing that, aaarrrggghhh, yes, just like that!”I then began to shake as a climax verges through me. As for Grandpa, he just continues to lap up every drop then raises his head to show me his juices laden lips.I giggle and tell him, “Wow, you’re right it didn’t hurt much.”He then lies back down on the bed, grabs his cock and says, “Want to learn how to suck my cock honey?”I looked at him with my mouth half open wondering what to do first, because I have only seen that done in a picture book my girlfriend has. I guess he senses my apprehension, because he pats the bed and replies, “Don’t worry baby, Grampa will show you how.”I sit down and stare at his hard tool; I want so much to please him like he did me.Grampa held his cock and said, “First, just kiss and lick this part, ” pointing to the head. “When you’re com comfortable with that I will tell you what to do next.” I lick my lips hungrily, lean over, kiss and run my tongue all over the purple head. I pause and say, “Mmm, Gramps, it taste good.”He replies, “Glad you like it baby, some women don’t. Now, I want you to kiss and lick it like that all the way down this long part which is called a shaft.” I eagerly lick it, savoring the musky, salty, tangy taste. To my surprise it makes my clit start to throb again. I wiggle my ass and eagerly keep going as I want to please Grampa. Grampa slid his hand down to my pussy and discovers how wet I am. He then gently begins fingering me again.He stops only long enough to show me what to do next. “Now, honey, I want you to place your lips around the shaft, as much as you can and suck it, like it’s a Popsicle.” With my mouth on his cock, I watch his face closely, because I want to make sure I am doing it right. I start to suck his cock, but can only get a few inches in my mouth. Grampa just smiles, assures me that is okay, and to keep going as he resumes finger-fucking my pussy.It is then I decide that I like sucking his cock and really get into things. (I still love doing that today.)Grampa with a shaky voice asks, “You like Grampa’s cock don’t you?” I just moan, “Mmmhhhmmm, ” and keep going.He must like it too; because he raises his hips off the bed and starts fucking my face. Beads of sweet cover his brow as I tease Grampa’s cock my tongue letting it dance across his cock and down the shaft. This new experience makes my pussy so hot, and I am close to orgasm. He closes his eyes and moans, “Ohhhh Yeahhhhhh, Aaarrrggghhh! I’m gonna come soon honey. Do you want to swallow it? ”I stop sucking and reply, “I’ll try Grampa.”I resume sucking him feeling his cock pulsate hard in my mouth. I ram my pussy down hard on his finger as another glorious climax goes through me. My actions must have done something because I feel his cock go rigid. He just smiled and said, “Hold onto the shaft with your hands honey, I’m going to cum.”I hold his shaft with both hands and wrap my mouth as tight as I could around it. Grampa held me as he squirts wave after wave of cum up in my mouth.I cannot hold it all and it goes everywhere. With tears in my eyes I cry, “Oh, Grampa! I’m sorry; I tried to swallow it all!” He moves up next to me and cradles me in his arms, strokes my hair. With a soothing voice he said, “Aww honey, don’t cry. This is your first time sucking me off. No woman can swallow it all the first time; it takes a lot of practice.”He just held me for awhile then Grampa’s whole face lit up with excitement. He then bellows, “Trisha you were magnificent!”I wipe my tears away with my hand, smile and say, “Really, you’re not just saying that to make me feel better?”He pulls me close, kisses me hard, like a man does a woman, and answers, “Really. By the way you’re a woman now.”I giggle, then grin mischievously and shout, “I am, WOW! Hey Grampa, when can we practice again?”Grampa laughs out-loud, with a twinkle in his eyes, and answers, “Every time you come over alone we can. Now you’d better get a move on it, and get dressed, you parents will be here soon to pick you up.”We were sitting on the porch swing telling jokes when my parents pull into the drive. I lean over, hug Grampa and tell him, “I love you Grampa. Gotta go, bye, see you next Saturday!”He hugs me back and replies, “I love you too pumpkin! I am looking forward to it.”As we drive away, I watch him waving from the porch until I can’t see him anymore.Mom turns her head toward me and asks, “Did you have a good time dear?”I smile playfully, giggle, and then exclaim, “Oh boy did we!” While inside I’m yelling, ‘You’ll never know my naughty little secret.”I’m a grown woman now, and Grampa’s memories are still strong and fuel many masturbation sessions. Today I take the fantasy up a notch and have plans to meet a friend at a nearby hotel. He will be playing part of Grampa. As I drive toward my destination, I think of the last email Grampa wrote to me and know he will certainly lived up to his words. I’m wearing a sundress, deciding to wear only panties, at least until I get there, as when I get out of my car, I will be com completely naked under my outfit. Ooooh God, my nipples are hard as well as my clit, each aching for Grampa’s attention.As I drive into the parking lot, I see Grampa’s truck. I wonder if he is as excited as me! Will he greet me naked? Mmm, that is a delicious thought. I turn off the motor and put the keys in my purse.I check my make-up, then reach down to remove my panties. I quiver with desire because they are drenched. I fold them and put them in my bag, then purr, “Oooh, think I shall give them to him as a souvenir.”Before I get out of the car, I call him on my cell phone. “Hi baby, what room are you in?”“Room 212; are you ready for some hot-fucking?”I close my eyes and purr seductively in the phone, “Oooooooh, mmm, yesssss! I’m so turned on; you can smell my aroma when I come to your door. I’m on my way, lover, get ready!”I get out of the vehicle and walk hurriedly to the door. I fling it open and go down the hallway to his room. My heart is beating so loud, I swear anyone near me can hear it.I rapt on the door and say, “Guess who?”Grampa opens it quickly, and pulls me into the room before I can say a word. He plants a kiss on me that curl my toes. I kiss him back and our tongues do the dance of lovers, the lust that radiates between me makes my pussy purr. I reach out, and gasp, because Grampa is com completely naked.“Looks like you’re more than ready to fuck, ” I squeal.He laughs and said, “What gives you that idea?”I stand back a bit and say, “Monkey see monkey do, ” and drop my dress.He is standing near the bed, his eyes bug out, his mouth drops and he shouts, “Hot-damn baby, you’re gorgeous. Come give Grampa some sugar!”My mind is racing fast with many thoughts of my Grampa. It’s a dream come true now, as Grampa is portraying Grampa and doing what he wasn’t able to do.“Fuck me!” I bat my eyes, blush, and stick my finger in my mouth like a child would. I have dreamt of this day for many years. I walk over to him and fling myself into his arms. With my naked body against his I look up into his eyes and exclaim, “I love you Grampa. Today, I’m your woman to do with what you please.”His twinkling eyes tell me I’m in for some hot sex. As our lips meet, he gently lays me on the bed.Grampa wastes no time burying his face into my crotch, which by the way is just dripping like a leaky faucet. I lay back comfortably into the pillows and closed my eyes while I massaged my nipples, making them stand out like little peaks. He kneels between my legs and runs his fingers down my slick slit. His fingers gently opened me up like a beautiful blossom. He comments, “Oh baby, you have such a beautifully pink and wet cunt. I cannot wait to bury my tongue deep inside and savor your sweet honey.”He slowly licks and kisses his way down each trembling inner thigh. He certainly was good at torturing me. I wanted to grab his face and bury it deep into my snatch. “You must have patience my beautiful blossom. Let Grampa do what he does best, ” he whispered seductively as his tongue gently licks around my sensitive outer lips. I moaned, gripping onto the bed sheets every time he flicks his tongue across my clit. Slowly he moves all over my pussy teasingly knowing it is fueling my desire even greater. Before I know it, my whole body is trembling in anticipation. Grampa pulls my lips apart exposing my throbbing clit and slowly blows on it sending shivers all over my body. It feels exquisite. He lowers his head and explores every inch of me. When he sucks in my clit it sends jolts of electricity through me. As he holds it in his lips flicking his tongue against it, my pussy was on fire!He begins to increase the pressure on my clit until I arched my back and squealed, as my body in shock with its first earth shattering orgasm. Grampa then moves down my constricting pussy until his tongue slowly twirls around my leaking hole. I begged for him to tongue-fuck my pussy. He glances up at me with a grin on his face; his chin and cheeks shiny with my pussy juice. He lowers himself back down and paused. I can hear him inhale the scent of my sex. Grampa moans, “Mmmm, baby, you smell so delicious.” Before I can respond he drives his tongue deep inside my hole. As it dances inside me I squirmed against his face, his nose pressing hard against my clit. I grasped the sheet and began to tremble as the beginning of another intense orgasm overtakes me. I gasped when he slides his finger up against my asshole. I shrieked, “Oh my God!” The combination of his nose, his tongue and finger send me over the edge and I climaxed once more.Grampa looks up at me and asks, “Are you enjoying yourself my dear?” I’m gasping for breath from the last climax and can barely answer him. “Yes.”Grampa doesn’t allow me anytime to calm down and he begins his next attack on my aching pussy. He runs his tongue up and down my pussy then back down to my asshole. Next, he teases my asshole making me quiver even more.I shout, “Tongue my asshole Grampa!”When he buries his tongue as far as he could up inside my ass, I almost passed out from excitement. Then he slides his mouth back up to my pussy and sucked each lip into his mouth, teasing them with his tongue. While his mouth tantalizes my flesh Grampa takes my clit between his finger and thumb and rolling it around. The feeling was intense. After that he sucks my clit back as if it is a lollipop. He applies the most delicious pressure to it while he slides two fingers into my hole and begins to stroke my g-spot sending me into another wild orgasm. This time my juices squirt out so much that it floods his mouth, face and sheets. Grampa came back up for air, grinning like the Cheshire cat. “Honey I will suck that sweet chocolate pussy all day long if I know you can handle it.”I rolled my head from side to side and held up a hand for him to stop. While gasping for air I say, “Oh my God, Grampa, I need a break please, my pussy is on fire!” Now it is my turn to do something for Grampa. I leaned over to him and whispered something into his ear. He pulls back with the biggest smile on his face, and asks, “Really?”I nod and climbed into the doggy position and wiggle my ass toward him. “Grampa, fuck my hot cunt, then slide that cock of yours into my ass and fill it up with that sweet cum!” He wastes no time climbing up behind me and slide his hardened member into my wanting hole. After a few strokes Grampa asks “Are you sure?”I turned my head toward him, flashed him a sultry smile and confessed, “I’m sure Grampa, give it to me!” With one hand resting on my ass, he grips onto his penis and begins to insert the tip of his penis into my asshole. I moaned as I feel the hole opening up to him. Slowly Grampa shoves his cock into me until his whole cock was in my ass. He pauses for a moment letting me adjusted to its size then starts fucking me. Grampa reached down and begins to rubbing my clit as he fucks my ass. I arched my back and pushed my hips into him as we fucked. With each thrust my body trembles as it is building up to another climax. I don’t take long for him to erupt and shot his load deep in my ass. His cock remains in my ass as another fantastic climax overtakes me. We stayed that way until Grampa’s cock slides out of my ass. He lies down on the bed and pulled me into his arms. I snuggled up in his arms feeling very satisfied from what I have just experienced. As the slight trickle of his cum begins to leak from my ass I looked up at him and say, “Care to join me in the shower, Grampa?”

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