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Shut Up And Fuck Me

Shut Up and Fuck Me

By Tommo - May 24, 2006 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 220468 Did you ever meet anyone that turned you on so much at first glance that you just hated him for it? OK, that sounds twisted, I know. But damn it, I'm going through life, minding my own business (for a change) and up to me walks this guy, says a polite hello...and my clit whimpered and tried to climb out of my panties. And that is just as uncom comfortable as it sounds.
I gave him an ugly look and snapped something rude. He smiled at me gently and said "bad day, huh?" That REALLY pissed me off. Where the hell did he get off assuming I'm some kind of nice person the rest of the time...and oh, shit, I carried on like this for a good twenty minutes. He got more and more amused, until I just wanted to belt him one. Finally, I stalked off in a huff, heels clattering out my hostility...which really echoed nicely off the concrete in the parking garage. I slammed my purse down on the hood of my car to hunt for my car keys. That echoed, too. The little squeaking sound I made when he grabbed my arm and spun me around echoed. The crack of my palm across his face seemed to echo forever. His mouth coming down on mine, his tongue thrusting, his fingers gripping my ass...well...that didn't make any sound at all.
I struggled for a good nanosecond before I sucked his tongue with everything I had and ground my hips against the rather sizeable bulge arguing with his jeans. I have never wanted a hot, nasty fuck so much in my life. He slid a thigh between my legs and raised it slightly, and I GROUND my cunt against it. My hands were everywhere on him...his face, his hair, his shoulders, his chest...his nipples were hard, my fingertips discovered, and he liked having them pinched lightly. That made me wonder if he liked having them sucked...and I still feel bad about that nice shirt. I MEANT to unbutton it, but my left hand didn't get the message. The yank-rip-suck combination nearly made him cum in his pants. I tongued and nibbled his nipples until he gasped at me in some kind of private language. I smiled and nodded.
Apparently what he had said was "may I yank your pantyhose down, toss you up on the hood of your car and eat you?" because that's exactly what he did. His mouth came down like it owned my pussy...licking, slurping, nibbling...biting the lips gently, possessively...flicking against my rigid clit. He gripped my ankles and shoved them up...and his mouth slid down to my ass. He bit me on both cheeks, licked and nibbled, then slid his tongue very lightly up the crack of my ass. Very lightly. So very close. I moaned helplessly, unable to tell him what I wanted. Not that I had to. The minute I surrendered and made the "I want you" sound, his tongue thrust into my ass. He tongue fucked my hole until I was clawing at the hood of the car, trying desperately to hold on and not scream. His mouth moved up to my clit and he sucked it in as one index finger slid in and out of my juicy cunt. My back arched as the slick finger slid into my ass as he power-sucked my clit. I came...and why every windshield in there didn't shatter I do not know.
We both because my brain had exploded and him because he knew somebody had to have heard me scream. Nothing happened. No guards or cops showed up. His eyes gleamed at me and his hands moved. I heard the clink of his belt, the sharp sound of his zipper and the laughter in his voice as he said "come here, bitchy mouth." He slid me off the car, skirt going up to my waist, and my naked ass landed on the cold metal of the bumper. Once the shock of that wore off, I discovered it was a dandy little seat for com comfortable cock sucking. It worked out well for him, too, because he could lean forward and brace his palms against the hood of the car while I sucked the absolute hell out of his swollen cock. I stared up at him, watching him watch his cock slide deeper and deeper into my mouth...his eyes getting wide with disbelief as he felt himself slide over my tongue and into my throat. I chuckled and the sound vibrated against him, causing his eyes to roll back into his head, his hips to thrust and his entire load to shoot down my throat.
He sat on the bumper next to me for a while, pants and underwear down around his ankles. I think he was trying to get his eyes to focus. I was trying, but not very hard, to get the shit-eating grin off my face. I had never seen a man so com completely blind-sided by an orgasm. Finally, he blinked a couple of times and said "wow." I chuckled again, sort of a triumphant sounding chuckle. He looked at me and smiled slowly. "Now you're in trouble, " he said softly.
He stripped me naked while holding my wrists pinned behind me, his mouth on mine. Didn't pop one button, either. The sheer wicked arousal of being naked in a public place was intoxicating. I ground my body against him, flaunting myself, feeling free and hornier than I've ever been. I wanted it NASTY and I wanted it NOW. He slid his hands all over me and put his mouth against my ear. "Ever had a com complete stranger watch you fuck while jacking off before?" I tilted my head at him. "Huh?" I said. He grinned. "There's a guy in a van over there watching us. His beating off." I froze for a second, then thawed rapidly. I discovered at that second I'd had exhibitionist tendencies laying dormant. They surged to life and I grinned. "Then let's give him a good show."
He moved me to the corner of the hood, turned me around and bent me over. I braced myself and he rubbed his stiffening cock against my ass, then thrust it into my pussy. I wiggled back at him, loving the way my ass felt as it rubbed against his pubic hair, loving the way my tits jiggled with every movement...and loving knowing the guy in the car was stroking his cock while watching all of it. "Fuck me!" I moaned loudly. "Fuck my hot cunt! Pound your cock in me!" He gripped my hips tight and obliged, each stroke coming in hard enough to lift me to my toes. I humped back at him, feeling every inch of him stroke so deeply.
We screwed like crazy, with no attempt to be quiet. Our bodies slapped together, are breathing was harsh and ragged, and neither one of us could shut up. I kept howling "fuck me!" and he released a running stream of compliments about my hot, wet, tight cunt. My cunt got hotter and tighter when I came violently, and got a lot wetter when he came with an equal force. He stayed hard, slamming his cock deep into my creamy pussy, then took it out and rubbed it up and down the crack of my ass. "Yes!" I said in a cracked voice. "OH, YES!!"
He worked his cock into my ass slowly and carefully. He felt huge! His balls slammed against my clit as he began to pump. I thrust my ass back, wanting every inch of his cock to impale my hot, horny hole. He built up the rhythm slowly, until he fucked my tight hole in a frenzy. He reached around me, one hand gripping my left nipple hard, the other going right for my clit and rubbing. The combined sensations nearly drove me insane. He withdrew suddenly, turned me and flipped me easily up on the hood of the car. He grabbed the backs of my knees and shoved hard, thrusting his cock into my hole as my ass rose.
"Yes!" he breathed, watching his cock fuck my asshole. "YES!! So fucking tight! Your hole is so fucking tight! Spread your pussy lips!" I reached down, and spread myself open for him. He looked demented, eyes dark and gleaming, gasping through his mouth. "Fuck my hole DEEP!" I said loudly. "Fuck my ass DEEP!" He licked his lips, nodded helplessly, and worked his hips as fast and as hard as he could. It was an orgy of pleasure/pain and I wanted it to go on forever. "Fuck me, " I said again. "Fuck me so hard I can't stand it. Fuck my tight hole ALL the way open! Fill my ass with your cum! Flood me with your hot cum! I want my ass to overflow!"
The single most erotic sight I've ever seen was the stunned expression on that man's face. Ah, I thought, and raised my head, glaring at me. "Do you hear me?" I howled. "Fuck it OPEN!! Fuck my ass HARD!! Fuck my ass like a whore's cunt!! Make me your ass-pussy!! SCREW MY HOLE!! Flood my with cum!! I want to feel your hot cream pour down both my legs. I want you to shoot a LOAD in me!! I want that big dick of yours to pump and pump and PUMP cum into me!! Fill me!! FLOOD ME WITH YOUR CUM!!"
He fucked my ass like a machine, his face twisted with ecstasy, sweat pouring, his slick palms shoved into the backs of my knees. His eyes had gone blank, every nerve ending in his body stimulated by his relentlessly fucking cock. I rubbed my clit, making myself cum again and again, shrieking "FUCK ME!! FUCK ME AS I CUM FOR YOU!!"
He threw back his head and howled like an animal as his cock released spurt after spurt after spurt of hot cream in my ass. I got my wish and then some. He flooded me! I felt splash out with his final strokes, then caught him as he pitched forward on top of me. After a while, he lifted his head and said something that sounded like "mxlpixitdarnf." I had to agree with him. The guy in the van agreed with him, too.

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