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Pre Wedding Gitters

By Rob Rodger Fred - Oct 2, 2009 - From erotic-stories- women. Stories for women - Views - 23089 I was remembering the night of my best friends bachelor party & he took a walk out of the back of my pick-up. It still makes me laugh today.
Living in a small rural town, everyone knows each other. My best friend, Dan and his fiancé, Avon had their bachelor parties the same night. Dan and ah bunch of us went to ah grange hall that has a country band that play’s for the dance. On a Friday night, the day before he was to marry Avon.
The Grange hall is out in the forest surrounded by tall pine trees. Dan's bachelor party was in full swing. Friends were dancing, drinking and a little fondling strange women, Hey it happens. The band plays about 45 minutes, then they break for ah while. Drinking was allowed in the grange hall building. So everyone went out side to do their boozing. Everyone was toasting Dan.
He was toasted also. He couldn't walk straight at all, crawling was his best mode of transportation after all the Tequila. "Oh guy's Avon is going to be so pissed off at you guys for getting me so fucked up, ” he kept saying. I patted him on the back "Dan don't worry, we'll have you at the church in plenty of time, you just have fun buddy. "This is your last night of freedom" someone told him.
By the last set, we were all pretty waisted. The band was playing the last song. We thru Dan in the back of my pick-up truck and headed to town for some breakfast. I was driving; the truck cab was full of small town drunks. I was going 50 mph on this gravel road, when I heard a (Ca-thump) I didn't hear it again so I kept going. Rodger, one of our buddies sitting by the passenger door said, "Hey Danny's gone!" That is what the thump was. Dan had woke up and decided to go for ah walk, out of the back of my pick'em up truck
I stopped, turned around & went back about 2 miles. We found our drunken bridegroom in the middle of this gravel road trying to stand up. His face was covered in blood; he must have hit and rolled down the road ah long ways. It looked like he had plowed 50 feet of road base with his forehead. You talk about road Rash. Old Danny, he had it.
He was ah bloody mess. We all thought he was going to die. Fred took off his t-shirt to mop up some of the blood & wrap up his head. Fred said, "It's ok Dan, you'll be just fine by morning, that is what the doctor said" We picked him up, thru him in the back in the truck bed and headed off again. Danny had passed out again so we quit watching him & waiting for him to something else stupid.
We headed into town to eat. We went into the truck stop restaurant. There sat Avon drunk as Danny was. She was with 3 other ladies. "Where is Dan?” she asked. "Oh he's out in my pick'em up. "Is he ok?" Yeah he's fine. The guys I was with picked up on the other ladies and left. Avon & I had breakfast, we talked for hours. She asked me if I thought she was ready to marry Danny. "I don't baby" Are you having pre-marital thoughts? Avon "Yeah I am. I have always had thoughts and she started crying. I sat next to her & put my arm around her holding her tight.
She smiled at me. Rob, ROB! Thank you for comforting me. She kissed me rather passtionitonly. I kissed her back. She placed her hand on my thigh under the table and squzzed it. "Avon, what is happening here?" I asked. "Rob I don't know if I can make love to Dan the rest of my life. He has been the only one in my panties. He is the one that took my cherry. I have to have a strange cock so I can tell if i can fuck only Dan for the rest of my life, Do you understand Rob? I have to know” Avon leaned in closer and whispered, "I want to Fuck You Rob"
I am an American male. I couldn't turn a piece of ass! I had always wanted Avon, but she was my best buddies G/F. Her & I continued to talk. She reached my zipper, 1 shift movement it was at the bottom. Avon smiled up at me while she worked over my cock. "MY, my Rob He is great looking & so hard too. You are bigger than Dan, that's nice" Avon started jerking me off while she explained what she was going to do to me.
"Robbie I am going to take you out of here. I am going suck you off, Swallow your cock, cum. You are going to fuck my cunt and maybe my ass. I need to feel your cock in me Baby! !" I didn’t know she talked that way. She had always prim & proper. My dick was about to explode. Avon stroked me ah little faster & long fast strokes. "Avon You better stop or I'm gonna blow this table cloth off of the fucking table, Avon AVON ! She stopped right there. "Let's go finish this in my car" She says.
We got up and left the table, my dick still hard and hurting because Avon took me to the peek & stopped her hand job. Avon got in one side of the car I got in the other. Now! Robbie Get them clothes off! I am going to Fuck Your Brains out” She ordered. I was naked in seconds. We both removed her clothes.
A naked Bride to be, right there in front of me and I was going to fuck her.
She lowered the seat backs on both sides. “Here Rob sit in the middle” “Avon there is more room over here on the passenger side” She grabbed my butt, “Over here, straddle the transmission shifter; I’m going to show you something later.
She moved over and above facing me. She eased herself down on my ragging dick. “Oh Damn Gurl” Her snatch was so wet I didn’t have any issues of her going all the way down to my balls.
Avon moved the shifter into neutral. She said, continue to fuck my pussy and wiggle your finger into my ass. “Ok” I said. I fucked her cunt and made my way in her puckered bung. “Get Me Real Wet In Their Baby. Oh Yeah Right" There she cooed. Avon rose up ah little, she moved back and, I’ll be damned. She sat on that shifter all the way down. My cock in her saturated pussy while her ass swallowed the shifter knob.
There was enough play in the shifter between gears to give ah nice ride. I could feel the shifter thru the taint. (Taint) is the area of skin between the pussy and the asshole, thus Taint pussy. Taint asshole. Anyway I felt it as she rode us. The pressure of the shifter and my dick in that little blonde was too much for her to last very long. I was really getting into her treatment when she screamed loud enough to wake the dead.
Rob, “I’m CUMMING I’M CUMMING! WoW she sure did. Avon’s female cum came shooting out of that cunt like Ol’ Faithful Gusher. I continued to pump my dick in her. She not only showed me her trick and that she was really ah slut that couldn’t get enough cock.
The sun was about to come up when we finished fucking for the night. “See you Later Baby” She winked at me. I put on my clothes on and left with Dan in the back of my truck.
Their wedding was at 2pm. Dan had enough time to get himself back together well enough for their wedding ceremony.
Dan, still hung over & standing at the wedding alter with dried blood all over his face. I began to laugh. Avon was on her way to meet with her man to begin a life together. Dan’s head was lowered and didn’t look at his bride. Avon looked over at me. She smiled, winked and blew me a secret kiss.
The minister started the ceremony by saying, “This man and this woman are about to be joined together. Will the Groom and the Bride turn and face each other. Repeat after me” Dan raised his head and looked at Avon. You could actually see the fire in her eyes as she glared at me. The look of love and deviation quickly turned to hate and pissed as she frond at me all during their ceremony.
Snickering, I said under my breath, “Hey Shit Happens……….”

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