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New Barbie Video Girl Doll

New Barbie Video Girl Doll

Every now and again manufacturers hit on a unique and fun idea and this time Mattel has got it just right with the new Barbie Video Girl Doll. Barbie Video Girl Doll is more than just a doll - this doll is also a video camera! Every little girl is going to love this doll and will spend many happy hours recording her own film with the video camera cleverly disguised as Barbie's necklace. Hours of fun are guaranteed with this well made doll and who knows what Barbie will see when she's out and about. Who knows perhaps you have the next Steven Spielberg in your midst! Friends and family beware no one will know when the Barbie Video Girl Doll is recording. Now children can tell their own stories featuring friends, family and favourite toys all in their own imaginary world.
What will Ken say when he takes Barbie out for a drive or what does Barbie really think of that new outfit? One thing kids are not good at is waiting! However with the LCD viewer on her back they can instantly watch what they have recorded.
Turn Barbie around, lift her hood and underneath you will find a colour LCD screen where these masterpieces can be viewed, unfortunately one drawback is that when viewed on the doll there is no sound available. The video controls which are located on Barbie's back and are easy to use. You can record whilst holding and playing with Barbie or you can position her so that she kneels and points to whatever is to be recorded. Unfortunately when replaying your recording the audio is not available. However, if you plug Barbie into your computer (a USB cord is included ) the audio will be heard. Here you can also edit your masterpiece and you can also download free editing software to use with your Barbie Video Girl doll.
At this point you can help your little one add music, graphics and other fun stuff to her videos. Girls aged 6 and over are going to love this great addition to the Barbie range and you can look forward to watching and listening many interesting videos. With just the push of a button, they can record any video they want, then play it back instantly. Plug Video Girl into your computer and download their movies, then watch and share them with friends! Visit Barbie videogirl to download free Windows Video Girl editing software and get fun movie-making tips! This new, fun version of the ever popular Barbie will make a great present for girls.

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