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So Much For Privacy and the Freedom of Choice By Ana Hernandez

Ok. I thought to keep my topics separate, but my passion for BOTH medicine and marketing makes it irresistible to keep from voicing out on the loss of human rights in America.
Sifting through medical journals today I stumbled upon "Physician's Practice" July/August 2008 Ed.. Begrudgingly I blog on the disturbing trends in the invasion of our privacy as a sign of greater things toe.
So what would YOU do if your boss came at you- measuring tape in hand- and reported YOUR waistline readings to the Federal Government?
This may be a good time to dust off the old running shoes, eh?...
We could ask our friends in Japan how it's going. This is currently their reality. The Japanese government launched a nationwide campaign to thin the waistlines of it's 40 to 75 year olds in attempts at lightening the collective poundage of the country a total of 10% by the year 2012, and 25% by 2015
The penalties for failure will likely fall on employees by wage penalties to self insure their overindulgences. So what if this were the case for us Americans?
"Talk about overindulgence and midline bulge!
But this is a topic for another post altogether. BOY, do I have things to say about that!!
In a close second for most disturbing article, I regret to report the trend showing disregard for a prospective employees' privacy in regards to their medical records, and then some!
Some employers it seems are asking job APPLICANTS to waive their rights to medical privacy before they are even CONSIDERED for employment.
Here's the wording of a waiver that a North Carolina reporter exposed:
"I, __(Joe/Joanna Apllicant)___, hereby authorize and permit the release of any authorized representative of (Said Employer) and any and all records but not limited to the following; credit information and records; medical records; employment information, including wages and benefits; driving records and accident or incident reports."
We know that credit and financial information is amon request as it's used to determine the prospect's level of maturity and responsibility, But Medical Records Too?!
I've posted a radical video clip on the loss of basic human freedoms. So if you can handle still more ruffles in your feathers see Retirement Cashflow Solutions Page
Until we speak again, hang on to your rights!!
About The Author: Ana Hernandez DO is a practicing physician and self proclaimed marketing enthusiast. Her website at adminder c.cgi? netrageouz&EzineArtclnetrageouz is the portal to her delicious recipes for creating killer online marketing campaigns. Her online course, "NETfabulous! Marketing ECourse" is jam packed with tips n' techniques for both newbie and seasoned marketers alike. Subscribe for FREE by sending a blank email to NETfabulous.Marketing gmail or at netrageouz netrageouz
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