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Shy Wife Opens Up - 1

Shy Wife Opens Up - 1

By Robert Roy - Sep 17, 2008 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 21206 We were walking down the path to our resort in hot humid Phuket after dinner and drinks. She had a close fitting tan coloured top with a low neck line and a black skirt wrapped snugly around her waist. At 5 foot 5 inches with a petite size 8 frame and a stunning face with a lovely smile, she is well liked by all. The local man who came up to take our picture was typical of Thais we had met. The Thais must be one of the nicest people on earth. With their welcoming and friendly manner they are very easy to get along with and had made our holiday very enjoyable. We knew Korn from the resort. He was one of the bar staff and we had chatted with him on a couple of occasions.
Presumably this was how Korn made some extra cash. We declined the photo opportunity. Neither of us like having our picture taken and I was in a hurry to get her back to our room. Korn was insistent in that charming Thai manner which is so appealing. He explained that he was doing a photography course and that he needed to take some portrait photos for a project. We were an ideal subject especially the ‘pretty lady’. That was definitely not the way to get her to pose for a photo. She is very shy and is one of those rare women who do not recognize their own beauty. ‘Pretty lady’ only made her blush and feel even more reluctant. Eventually Korn’s charm, the few drinks she had that night and my agreement won her over. We posed for a few of photos and I suggested we move to the resort’s bar for a drink and Korn could take some indoor photos if he wished.
When I got back to our table with the drinks Korn had already convinced her to take some solo photos. I didn’t mind. I knew she was why he wanted to photograph us. Her photos would definitely make Korn a hero when he got back to his class. I doubt many Thais have the opportunity to photograph an attractive western female. Anyway, I love watching her. Her C cup breasts formed a nice cleavage which was visible over her top. Her ass looked divine in the skirt which clung very tightly around her slim hips. She was still a little shy but was willing to help Korn with his project. She downed the gin, lemon and lime in a couple of gulps. She obviously was still a little nervous. She was getting a little embarrassed though. Surely he didn’t need so many shots of a woman at a table.
After a few moments Korn excused himself to go get another flash card for his camera. He said he would like to take some standing shots when he got back. I cheekily whispered to her that the line of her panties was visible through the skirt and that she should really put on a G string. Expecting a withering glare, imagine my surprise when she got up and walked in the direction of our room. This was getting interesting. She has always been shy of attention but clearly the relaxed environment and the thought of helping Korn in his project appealed greatly. This is one of the main reasons why she is so well liked – she is a genuinely kind and helpful person. She obviously also wanted to look her best and I suspect she was also starting to enjoy the posing.
Korn was back and I told him that she had just left for a few moments. We chatted a while over our drinks. A couple of minutes later she walked into the bar with that wonderful smile on her face which I love so much. I couldn’t tell immediately if she had put on a G string but I could see that she had changed something else. She had cupped her tits in a push up bra. They looked fuller and the cleavage looked a lot deeper. As she came to stand by my side I looked down at her ass and the line of her panties was gone! She is one of those few lucky women who have a large tight ass with slim hips. That sexy clinging skirt didn’t leave much to the imagination. She had also put on a pair of heels. I could feel a hard on coming.
She was standing next to a potted plant when I got back with her second double gin, lemon and lime. By now she was very relaxed. The first gin had finally hit the spot and she was posing willingly for Korn. Frontal, back, side, angled – he had taken quite a few shots. The alcohol had loosened her up and the flattery didn’t do any harm either. It was pretty lady this, pretty lady that. Once she finished the second gin, the shyness was gone and she started suggesting poses. She didn’t have much scope for movement as the skirt was tight and restricted what she could do. However, that same tight skirt showed off the shape of her ass and legs beautifully. You could see each ass cheek outlined clearly particularly when she faced the wall and stretched her arms over her head. It was at this point that I knew that she was now feeling sexy. This is rare even in the privacy of our own bedroom. There was no one else in the bar aside from ourselves and the barman so she must have felt relatively secure especially knowing that I would look out for her. However I was still quite shocked (but pleased) with this turn of events. I am sure Korn also noticed the sexiness. She obviously didn’t mind him looking at her.
I suggested that she lie on the nearby couch for a few shots. She did a few on her back and then turned over and supported her torso on her elbows. Korn took a few photos facing the couch and then moved over to the end to take a frontal shot. Korn must have got an eyeful of her tits during this pose especially as she arched her back a little whilst looking up into the camera. She must have been feeling very relaxed and sexy. He took a lot of photos here. I am sure that the shape of her buttocks on the couch didn’t escape his notice either. She then sat up on the couch with her legs along the length of it. Korn moved back to face the couch and took a couple of shots. Nice view of her calf. She tried to pull one foot up towards her but the skirt wouldn’t allow it. The skirt had a slit which reached up to her hips but it had a zip which travelled from the hip to above the knee. At knee level it had one button. Of course the zip and button were done up. I could see the button straining against the fabric. I wished she would undo it. I have long fantasized about those legs and ass being admired in a public place. She knows about my fantasy and thinks I am mad!
Instead of undoing the button she got up and then sat back down on the couch with her legs tucked under her with her ass resting on her heels. With her head high and tits forward she looked like a goddess. Korn kept clicking. By now the barman had come over with a round of free drinks. He handed her her gin and sat down to watch with me. She sipped on the gin whilst posing for Korn, turning this way and that. The gin was having an effect. I had never seen her more sexy. She held the empty glass out to the barman. Her eyes said she knew he wasn’t going to refuse this sexy woman anything. He took it and returned to the bar for a refill.
She started to get up from her pose. It was too much for the skirt. As she got up the button popped. She didn’t notice. Korn kept clicking. The zip started undoing itself a little. I hoped it would undo all the way. Korn kept clicking. The thought of Korn taking pictures of that ass in a G string in the bar was almost enough to make me come.
She walked over to me and waited silently for the barman to come back with her drink. She took a sip of her fourth gin and handed the glass back to the barman. He was transfixed by her. As she turned around towards the couch he couldn’t help fixing his eyes on the sway of her hips and ass as she moved forward. I could see a bulge starting in his pants. She lay back on the couch. We were looking at the couch from the front and her head was to the right. Her arms moved over and behind her head thus emphasising her tits. Korn took a few shots. Then she turned and looked directly at me. Very slowly she drew her right leg up and put her foot over the back of the couch. She knew the button had popped! As her leg moved the zip slowly came undone to the waist and her gorgeous pair of legs was there for all to see. We held our breath. The side of her ass was exposed and we could clearly see the G string disappearing into the area of her pussy. She straightened her head and closed her eyes. After a moment Korn came to himself and started clicking. The barman moved to the left end of the couch to stare down at her. I joined him. Her tits strained against the tan top. Her left leg was exposed up to her waist and the soft inside and back of her creamy white right thigh lay right in front of us. Her legs were slightly parted and her most private and shaved pussy faced us from behind the sheer fabric of the G string. She had got herself a Brazilian earlier in the day which I had not known. I could not imagine what had come over her. The shy woman I had married lay there on the 3 seat sofa like a wanton slut exposing herself to me and two relative strangers. My dreams had come true.
We moved over for Korn. He came around to take some frontal shots of the lovely woman in front of us paying particular attention to her pussy. When he had taken a few, she moved. Her arms came down, her right leg moved over and she rolled slowly over onto her front. We were now looking at the back of her legs. Her skirt had covered her ass as she rolled over. Her eyes still closed she could feel the cloth on her behind. Korn started clicking again and kept clicking as she slid her frame down the couch. The skirt caught on the rough fabric of the sofa as she slid out of it slowly, treating us to the magnificent view of her ass framed by the black G string. She was showing off. The two creamy mounds looked as firm as I knew they felt. Firm but with skin as soft as butter. She had her legs together so her pussy was not visible. Nevertheless none of us could take our eyes of her. What we saw was enough. She lay there for many minutes. We remained glued to the sight of her buttocks and legs. She may have fallen asleep. Then her right leg started moving off over the side of the couch and she gently raised her buttocks up pushing her pussy skywards in a slutty move. Again we came to face her lovely slit. After taking a few shots of this view Korn moved to the front of the sofa to get pictures of her side profile. She looked awesome with one leg over the side of the couch and her ass clearly displayed. She looked straight into the camera as Korn continued to take his shots.
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A few minutes later she got up and I felt a huge stab of disappointment. It seemed that the show was over. She looked at the barman and held out her hand for her gin. The barman rushed over to our table and brought it over to her. She held his eyes whilst she tipped the rest of the drink down her throat. The barman gulped and took her glass when she finished. He took it back to our table and stood there. She turned towards the couch. Then she turned back and walked over to the barman. As he stood in front of her she turned her side to him - the side with the slit. Her left leg was only partially visible as the slit closed in at the top. With her left hand placed behind her back she thrust her left hip towards him. The slit opened up showing thigh and hip. Her right hand then raised the bottom of her tan top exposing the singe button which kept her skirt together. I followed the line of her leg from the foot right to the top of the slit where her waist bone was now clearly visible. All eyes were now on the button. The woman wanted the barman to strip her of her skirt. The barman’s trembling hand reached for it. He looked up at her and she met him with an open and daring look.
The barman’s hand fell away. She picked up her glass, found it empty and handed it to the barman. He ran to the bar for a refill, his hard cock showing a bulge in his pants. Korn’s clicking had come to a stop. I could tell he was aroused by the dry lips and the tell tale sign in his pants.
A crash was heard from the bar area. The barman had dropped the glass in his haste. As we watched him get another and prepare the drink she moved back to the couch. She had straddled the right hand rest. Her left calf was lying flat against the seat of the couch with her high heeled foot pointed backwards. Her smooth white thigh pointed toward the couch angling down. Her right leg rested on the floor beside and in front of her. She leaned forward and ground her pussy into the hand rest whilst pushing her ass back. The skirt had split out and again we were treated to the left leg up to the hip. She moved her ass around in circles pressing pussy against couch. As she moved forward in the circular motion, part of her left ass cheek would come free from the skirt and she would press down trying to keep it out in the open. The slut wanted the men behind her to see her ass. The skirt wouldn’t cooperate.
The barman finally returned with her drink and went around in front of her. Taking the drink in her left hand she surprised us by taking a different direction. She bent her head down and with her right hand moved her curly brown hair from the nape of her neck. The top of the zipper on the back of her tan top was visible. She waited. The barman who was still in front of her and facing us looked at me. I glanced at the zip and nodded to him to undo it. We again held our breath. He went behind her and to one side. As the zip came down her right leg moved further wide and she moaned a little as she moved her pussy against the hand rest. The tan top parted revealing her back. She first shrugged her right arm out of it, transferred the drink from her other hand and removed the top. Whilst taking a sip the tan top was dropped behind the couch. Many times have I complimented her on her back. She has never understood why. Perhaps she did when all three of us took a sudden breath at the sight. She has a beautiful back. Seeing her elegant neck down through her bare back flowing gracefully into the flare of her slim hips had all our hearts pumping. Korn started clicking again and stopped suddenly as the barman reached for the clasp of her bra. She caught his hand before he was able to get it undone. She moved his hand down to her waist next to the skirt’s button. I could see the heat in the barman’s face. She had moved his hand against her bare skin all the way down to the button. His hand lay near the top of her ass with his finger tips touching the button. I know the feel of that skin and it would make any man’s heart stop. The barman closed his eyes and took a deep breath. She turned to face the couch again and grabbed the hand rest with her thighs as she ground her pussy into it. Her ass lifted a little and her cheeks were clearly outlined against the straining cloth of her skirt. She sipped on her gin almost naked down to the waist.
The barman hesitated. Oddly he was com comfortable going for the bra but the skirt was almost too much for him. She calmly waited whilst sipping her gin. She was now perfectly still aside from the sipping. We waited. Korn was transfixed. The camera was quiet. The barman couldn’t take his eyes of the button. Finally he moved his hand. The button strained against her skirt. Just a flick of a finger and it popped open. The skirt snapped away from her body and lay down beneath her, hanging from the hand rest. She sat calmly without reaction to her new nakedness. Not a word had been said since she first posed on the couch fully clothed but the sight of this superb woman suddenly exposed was too much. Both the Thais exclaimed softly in their native language. I couldn’t help the ‘Jesus’ muttered under my breath. Aside from the slim threads of the G string and her bra strap her back and legs were com completely nude. The form of her buttocks gradually parting on either side of the hand rest almost made me come. She pulled the skirt from under her and it joined the tan top. Her hand reached down to place her glass on the floor. Her upper body followed, her ass slowly rotating up. She didn’t stop when the glass was laid but kept moving her upper body down to lie against the hand rest. Her glistening pussy moved into view behind the slim fabric of the G string. Her right hand came up slowly rubbing up against her foot, calf, thigh and finally reaching between her ass crack to lay the tip of her middle finger gently against her slit and then back down again to her foot. She moved her clit against the hand rest for a several seconds while we watched. She stood up. Her ass bunched up into firm mounds, her calf muscles clearly outlined. With both hands she moved her hair off the nape of her neck and held it behind her head. Her back naturally arched back with this movement. She gave us several seconds to appreciate the view. Then she relaxed her left leg and dropped her hip, changing her pose. Another few seconds elapsed. She turned around. For the first time we saw her nakedness from in front. Her tits were tightly packed into the C cups and rose out proudly from her chest. Her hard pink nipples were clearly visible behind the sheer material at the top of her bra. The material around her pussy was drenched with her juices. She was enjoying the show as much as we were.
She hooked both her thumbs into the top of her G string and worked them slowly down until the top of her pubes were just visible. The strings dug in sharply into the flesh around her hips. They must have been most of the way below her ass at the back. She slowly started turning around.

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