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Review of Tiffany Taylor's Guy Gets Girl Book By Tunde Malik

The dating world can seem scary and intimidating if you're a shy guy. It can be so overwhelming and seemingly impossible to approach a beautiful woman. Tiffany Taylor has created the guy gets girl book where she gives a step by step guide on how men can meet, attract and date the girl of their dreams. Much has been said about this book, but here is a review of what to expect from it.
The book is 63 pages long and it covers things like what women really want, how to approach a woman with ease, how to flirt with women, how to use a woman's friends to your advantage and what principles she believes women want men to know. Other things the book covered are how to prepare for a first date, online dating and how to know when a woman is not just interested in you.
The good thing about this book is unlike other dating guides out there this one is actually written by a woman and no one knows how to approach a woman better than women. The not so good thing is that all this book will give is information on how to get the woman you want, it would not get the woman for you. So if you a guy who is shy do not expect any miracles from this book.
All things considered, the premise behind guy gets girl is that getting women is not as difficult as most guys make it. If you are a guy I highly recommend this book to you, as long as you are willing to put into practice what is taught in it.
You can read my review of this book at guy-gets-girl guy-gets-girl
Tunde_Malik Tunde_Malik

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