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Sex in Water - Tips And Suggestions

Right from kids to old people, every body loves water and rightly so. And indulging in sexual acts inside water makes it much more exhilarating. You may either have sexual intercourse in the bathroom or in your swimming pool. One can also make love in open waters like lakes and streams that are normally not visited by many, but one should not do it as love-making in open places is prohibited.
However, indulging in sexual intercourse with water all around you is not a cakewalk and so one should keep in mind the following suggestions to avoid any complications and possible embarrassments:
Sex in a Pool: Don't try to have sex in the deeper region of the swimming pool because it is extremely unsafe. On the other hand I would advise you have intercourse with your woman where the height of water is around the waistline. The buoyancy effect is much less in this region and you'll be able to thrust your girl without any difficulty. Also you can make her lay on the swimming pool edge and give her a fantastic cunnilingus.
Sex in bath tub: For those who cannot afford to own a swimming pool then the next best option for you is a bathtub. Compared to a swimming pool it is very uncom comfortable and so making love in it becomes tedious. Missionary position and oral stimulation are extremely difficult in a bathtub, so dog-style and fingering are highly recommended. The bathtub is a nice place to have lots of intimate foreplay action such as kissing and fondling and together with all the soapy lather floating all around it becomes even more better.
Sex under shower: It surpasses both bath tub and pool hands down because here, you don't have to be concerned with regards to the level of water or the clumsiness. I would advise you to get a few anti-slip stickers to avoid slippage and potentially resulting in any injury. With soap lathering all over the body the enjoyment factor doubles up and it becomes much more fascinating than the regular sexual intercourse. In order to enjoy standing intercourse then I'd advise you to put in a handle to hold on to.
Sex in open waters: Having sex in ponds and seashores may seem as a good freaky idea but I'd highly recommend against it. To start with, indulging in sexual acts in open places is an offence therefore choose a spot where by there's less likelihood of someone spotting you two. In addition, the water is undoubtedly populated with microorganisms, small insects and also dirt. If you would like have sex in the sea then I'd like to mention that the vaginal opening of a woman becomes rough because of the salt that usually gets lodged there. No matter how unsafe and unhealthy having sexual intercourse in open waters can be, if you are an adventure-seeking couple then you must try it once, obviously with all the necessary precautions. But again, engaging in sexual activities in public places is an offence.
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