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Sexy Stepdaughter

By Anon - Dec 9, 2004 15817 Erotic sex story - Tom was going to be leaving for New York Friday morning and he wouldn’t be home until Sunday afternoon. We had only been married six months and I hadn’t had the chance to really get to know his daughter. I figured this weekend would be a good time to do just that. Laura had just graduated high school and celebrated her 18th birthday. I told her I’d have some alcohol at our disposal. I thought that would help us both relax to talk a bit more.
Laura showed up at about 4 with a fifth of Jack Daniels in one hand and her pajama’s in the other. I invited her into the family room. As she sat down I noticed really for the first time what a beautiful girl she was. I wanted her to know that I didn’t think of her in any sort of evil way. I just had never come into an already established home like this before and I wanted her to feel com comfortable with me. She insisted she never thought that way and thought of this evening as just a little get together among two friends.
With that I suggested we do some shots. We started with Jack Daniels and ended with Tequila. Laura and I were feeling warm and giggly in no time. I told Laura I was going to change and started down the hall to my bedroom. I noticed Laura following me with her pj’s in her arm. As I undressed I noticed Laura’s eyes looking over my naked body. I thought for sure she was being critical of me but then she mentioned how nice my body was and gave a little smile. She showed no signs of trying to hide her own nakedness and I found myself admiring her as well.
Back in the family room Laura and I started talking about fantasies. Laura explained that she had always been curious about being with another woman. She asked if I felt that was wrong and I reassured her that it was com completely normal. I admitted I had been with other woman myself and it was a very pleasurable experience. I explained it was much different than having sex with a man. Laura seemed to be turned on by this and asked if I would be willing to show her some things.
I asked her what she meant by ‘show her’ when I noticed that she had hiked her nightgown to her hips and was moving to sit with her knees bent and her legs open to display her young pink pussy. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and I felt confused until I looked up and saw the smirk on Laura’s face. She asked me if I’d like to touch her. I started with something like, ‘your father and I...’ but before I could finish she had forced my hand between her open legs. I couldn’t help the urge I had now. I slowly slid two of my fingers into her warm, wet cunt. She gave a little moan and I worked them in and out of her faster and deeper with each thrust. Her pussy juice coated my fingers and I brought them to my lips and began sucking them clean. I inserted them back into her hole and she grabbed hold of my hand and brought my again wet fingers to her mouth. She licked and sucked them dry, tasting her own pussy. Laura then told me she had a surprise. I didn’t say a word as she went to pull a large dildo out of her bag. Laura told me to lay on my back. I did as she told me and opened my legs.
Laura bent down to taste my cunt.
She first started sucking on my clit slowly. She seemed to enjoy having it in her mouth. I enjoyed watching her. As she continued to suck and flick my clit, she brought the dildo up to my twat and carefully slid it inside. Laura watched as my hungry pussy took as many inches of thickness it could stand. Then Laura began to fuck me deep and hard. I began to scream with pleasure and excitement at how forceful she was being with my pussy. Then she told me to spread my legs some more. Laura began licking at my asshole, trying to force her slippery tongue inside me. The next thing I felt was a curious finger slid into that tight hole , and then two. All the while Laura was lapping at my hole as she slid the pink cock in and out of me.
I told Laura to come sit on my face so I could play with her pussy. She twirled around so her ass was in my face. I found her tight asshole, feeling the opening with the tip of my tongue. I took a finger and sucked it into my mouth and then pushed it inside. Laura let out a little squeal and dove the dildo even deeper inside my cunt. I took a finger from my other hand and slipped it in alongside the other. I began to gently pull in opposite directions. I was going to stretch her little ass open so I could fit as much of my tongue inside her as I could. Laura was moaning with pleasure, knowing what I was doing to her. Her pussy was starting to drip onto my chin so I started to suck at her hole, trying to drink down any juice she had to give.
It was at that point I remembered the double-ended dildo I had long forgotten about. I told Laura I wanted to try something and went to grab it. When I came back into the room it was my turn to tell Laura to lay back. I told her to spread her pussy lips open so I could slip one end in. I then scooted down to meet her cunt with mine so I could put the other end in me. Together we lifted our hips a bit off the carpet and began rocking back and forth on the long, cock-like tool.
I reached between us and grabbed hold of the dildo and began forcing it in and out of us harder. Each time I withdrew it some from Laura it would bang deeper into me. Laura was breathing heavy and rubbing her clit while her pussy visibly dripped between her legs. In almost just a whisper, Laura said as she was obviously beginning to come ’let me suck on it, let me suck on it’. She wanted to suck pussy juice off the dildo as she came. I quickly pulled the dildo out of her cunt and watched as she sucked it into her mouth. Her fingers were madly working her clit as her other hand forced the dildo deeper into her mouth as she came. Her entire body shuttered and relaxed with the passing of her climax.
I hadn’t had enough yet though. I told Laura to get on her knees. When her ass was in front of me I took one end of our toy and slid it deep inside Laura’s ass. I then got on all fours facing the other way and took one hand to slip the other end in to me. Ass to ass we began fuck the rod between us. I could feel it slide in and out of my tight hole. Laura let out a little cry every time I pushed my ass towards her to bury the cock deeper inside. It excited me to hear her yell. I could feel my own hot orgasm begin to build between my legs with each moan from Laura as I thrusted my ass back and forth.
God I was ready to come.
Laura must have been able to tell because she stopped and let the dildo slide out of her ass. She crawled over to me and grabbed hold of my hair with her left hand. With her right she grabbed hold of the cock still buried in my ass. Then together she pulled my head back with the fistful of hair she held and forced the dildo deep inside. She kept on saying to me as she pulled my hair harder..."you like it when I fuck you like my father does, don’t you?" She wouldn’t let the grip ease until I said yes. I quickly felt myself about to come. Laura never releasing her hold or rhythm until my body collapsed in exhaustion on the soft floor.

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