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What To Text A Girl You Like It's so maddening. You're chilling wondering about "some clever thing... come on... what can I WRITE to her?" Knowing how to text girls isn't as tough as calculus, but hey - I know how frustrating it can be. That's cool - there IS a simple, proven way to make her laugh and dig you. And that's why you're here. I watched my buddy Race spend years texting girls (hundreds of them), and I've seen it all. So if you want to know what to text a girl you like - and if there's one in particular who you're really into - then I'd bet my favorite cigar that I can give you what you need.
Let's get started with some concepts about how to send text messages. Most guys ruin it when they're sending a text for one of a few reasons:
1. They don't send texts that are different from the other texts she's getting
2. They "give up" their power by being too easy to reach and not challenging enough.
3. They try to be "too slick" and prove something
So with those principles in mind, what should you do instead?
Texting Rule 1: Be Unique
I remember I that my first texts were the toughest part - I'd spend hours writing them. And they'd often come out with me sending something like "what's up?" or "hey, good to meet ya". I was afraid of losing girls I was really into. But every dude sends her these sorts of texts, and it doesn't give her a lot to go on. Why should she get excited about responding to something like this? Instead, your goal with almost every message you send should be "how can I make her smile with what I'm about to send her?" If you can start doing this more, you'll do so much better with texting girls. Learn about the first text message to send to a girl.
Texting Rule 2: Be A Playful Challenge It's tempting to try to push for things quickly. But don't show all your cards at once, homeboy. Don't make the game too easy for your object of affection. Otherwise, she'll think that you don't have anything better going on. So in the early phases, don't write her back ASAP - wait to spend about the same time it took for her to get back to you. And when it comes time to ask her out, tease her a little bit - "ok, we can go out, but just don't embarrass me with any tube stockings;)" She'll giggle at the playful challenge you've set up for her. You also might want to learn how to flirt with a girl over text.
Texting Rule 3: Don't Try To Be Too Cool
This one is easy for guys to mess up. They try to demonstrate their coolness to a girl because of the event they're going to, the peeps they know, the things they're doing, and so on. And in principle, this is ok - occasionally I will text a girl and tell her that I'm "only going to the most fun bar on planet earth" - but pay attention: I said fun - not most VIP or coolest. Whopping difference. If you ever start thinking to yourself something like "she'll be impressed by this" then don't send that text message. Remember - is it something that's actually going to make her smile? And if you really want to know what to text a girl, then please join me and learn what to text a girl at my main site.
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