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Master Visits And Milks His Slave Girl

Master Visits and Milks his Slave Girl

By milkablegeek - Aug 31, 2008 - From bdsm-stories. BDSM stories - Views - 71346 I open the door in my corset, a thick nappy, my collar with its lead and high heels. Master says I need the nappy to stop my cunt wetting everywhere, as sluts should not create a mess. I am so desperate to be used by my master that when he walks through the door even though I am humiliated by how I look I can not help but feel wet. I can not speak, as I have my lead in my mouth, which he takes without saying a word and pulls me to the sofa. He undoes his trousers and out comes his cock, he grabs the back of my head and forces me to take the entire cock in my mouth, I hold it there, unable to move, enjoying the taste, he removes his hands and lets me suck, my mouth going up and down over his cock, my tongue flicking around exploring. He then makes me get off his cock and stand up. I stand as I have been taught to, legs open, hands behind my head, eyes closed, waiting for further instructions. I feel the blindfold being put over my eyes, the tape being stuck over my mouth and my hands tied behind my back, he removes the nappy, and corset and inspects my body, roughly pulling my breasts, watching the milk coming out, shoving his fingers into my cunt and ass, admiring how open my holes are, noticing the cunt juice running down my legs. He uses my lead to pull me to the sofa, and has me straddle him, he puts his cock upto my ass and I move down onto it, and begin to fuck. I'm his slut, I want to fuck and serve him. I feel my tits bouncing around and hitting my face, I'm helpless to stop it, I can barely balance so continue to fuck, feeling his hands over my body, hearing him laugh at the milk coming from my tits. After a while he cums in my ass, and far from being satisfied I just want more. He instructs me to get off, and unties my hands, placing me on all 4's. I feel the first whip on my ass, the stinging it leaves behind drives me wild, again and again he whips me, my ass turning red and sore. By the time he is done the marks left are clearly visible and I'm starting to create a puddle on the floor, he puts a bowl under my breasts and I feel him milking me, pulling on my tits and nipples, the milk squirting out, my big fat tits love being milked, i feel so dirty on all 4's yet I can not think of anywhere I'd rather be, occasionally as he is milking he gives my cunt a rub. The hard pulling on my breasts lasts for ages, my tits are so full. He puts his head under and gives them a suck, which drives me wild, eventually they are empty, and he pulls on my lead taking me to bed. He straps me on the bed, and I feel my sore bum rubbing on the matress, I'm strapped wide and open and now there is no chance of escape. The first thing I feel is something going in my cunt, master just shoves it in, and my cunt accepts it with ease, I don't know but it's actually a baseball bat he found in the hall. He is shocked by how easily my cunt accepted it and notices straight away that it could handle something bigger, it doesn't stop him fucking me hard with it though, I feel it going deep in me, I'm taking around 10 inches of bat, and my cunt is begging for it. When my cunt is clearly begging for more, he stops, leaving it in deep, and moves on to play elsewhere. At first I feel pain, but in a good way, something warm is hitting my tits, it drives me wild, after a few more I can tell it's hot wax, as I can smell the candle, I want more and more, especially as it hits on and around the nipple, slowly he moves onto my stomach, and then continuing down he covers my cunt and clit. I look a slutty mess but all I want is more, as is evident from the wet area of the bed around my cunt. He leaves me there while the wax drys and although I can hear him in the room I don't know what he's upto. He's actually setting up the video camera and arranging the toys. I feel the tape as he tapes my cunt lips open, and adds pegs to the area already covered in wax. I then feel the whip again, accross my cunt and tits, my body is begging for more, and every stroke makes me wetter, and more sensitive. I feel the tape being removed from my mouth and his cock shoved in as I'm made to suck it, before he covers my body in cum. He leaves me to dry while he goes and has a sandwich. When he comes back, he unties me and takes me to the bathroom, where he showers me in piss. I look a dirty mess, and master says I need to clean myself up before we play some more so I take a shower. Whilst in the shower, master records me, and although I'm bright red I ensure I have a slutty shower, showing off my body and how horny I am, aiming the water directly at my cunt, covering myself in bubbles. Before I get out the shower, he orders me to stand legs apart, hands behind head and piss for his video. I do as I'm told and feel the warm piss running down my legs. I get myself cleaned up and head back into the room for more fun.

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