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Daddys Girl (2)

Daddys Girl

By Haiku Master - Mar 15, 2008 - From incest_taboo. Incest and Taboo - Views - 58605 Ken was a kindly funny man. Quiet and respectable. In his everyday life, he ran a youth group in his local town a couple of evenings a week, and it was through this that he met the object of his desire. At 42, Ken thought he had better give something back to the local community. As a successful academic, Ken saw the beneficial results of a good education, so he was keen to help less fortunate young people. It was through this work that Ken came across Heather Simmons. As soon as they met he just knew his life would never be the same again. Heather was a precocious girl of 18, somewhat wayward and mouthy, with a big heart and a lot of passion under a veneer of teenage indifference. She’d gone off the rails a little and gotten in trouble and Ken’s job was to reintroduce Heather to possibility of furthering her education.
Ken’s first meeting with Heather was not very promising.
‘Hiya, it's Heather Simmons, isn’t it?’
‘Yeah: so what?’
‘So, do you want to get on in life, Heather?’
‘Don’t care.’
‘You must care, it’s your future.’
‘Why should I?’
‘It will make you better equipped to succeed.’
‘Succeed at what? Being an office worker? No fuckin’ thanks!’
‘You are very negative Heather.’
‘Don’t care, fuck the future!’
So you can tell from the above that their first meeting wasn’t exactly a resounding meeting of minds. After several months of patient work and one on one tutoring, Ken got Heather reading again. She was bright and perceptive and she impressed Ken with her quick wit and insight, when she felt like employing them. One night, after a class in English Literature, Ken took Heather to a local bar where there was live music playing. He bought her a coke and they sat in a corner booth talking, laughing and goofing around. It was about 11pm when they drove up to the place where Heather was staying. She looked across at Ken, as he turned the engine off and said; ‘Ken, you are so cool. Wish my dad was like you.’
Ken blushed and wiped his glasses on a handkerchief. He always did that when he was nervous. ‘Why do you say that, Heather?’ he asked. ‘I dunno, I feel things with you, you make books come alive for me. My dad never did that. He drinks, and he's an asshole!’ Heather said; her voice quavering, lacking bravado. Ken reached across and rubbed her hair gently on the nape of her neck. ‘Mm, ’ she sighed, ‘that’s so nice, Ken. You are a good at it.’
‘You think so?’ Ken said.
Heather turned, her cute upper lip curled back, ‘Yes I do. You are sexy too, do you know that?, ’ she said, keeping eye contact. Ken blushed again and said, ‘Sexy? Nuh, I'm hardly that…’ Heather leaned in and said in soft intriguing voice, ‘I’ve been having fantasies about you lately, Ken, really dirty fantasies.’ Ken coughed and said, ‘I don’t know if that’s an appropriate thing for us to talk about..’ Heather laughed, her teeth glinting in the moonlight. ‘Bullshit, Ken!' she said, 'I’ve seen the way you down at my titties when you correct my essays, standing behind me with a hard-on, you think a girl doesn’t notice those things!’
‘I think I had better…’ (“Go now, ” was what he intended to say but Heather interrupted him, saying...) ‘Spank me, real hard on my bare bottom, Ken, with my panties down.’
Ken sat there, excited and afraid in equal measure. His breathing came hard. He fancied Heather a lot, she’d got that right. Most men would’ve fancied Heather. She was a hot-bodied little slut, about 5'6", with nice round tits and a fit ass, long slender legs, a very cute girl/woman face and long blond hair that hung right down her slim back. But she was also a client of his, and he had a position to consider. He decided to go down the deviant route...
‘Spank you, why would I do that?’ Ken asked.
‘Because you want to and I want you to, ' Heather said. 'We can do it at your place, you live alone since your divorce, right?’ Ken nodded and said, 'What the hell!' and started the car. They drove off to his part of town. Heather gripped his knee on the journey and she said, ‘I am so hot for you, Ken, believe me, you won't regret this.’
When they got to Ken’s small house, Heather whooped and said, ‘Shit! You have no neighbors, we can make a lot of noise. I so love to make a lot of noise when I play.’ Ken shook his head. What was he doing? he thought. But, he was in the grip of sexual paralysis, a not uncommon condition when a middle- aged academic gets hit upon by a pretty blond teen nympho. His pulse raced as he fumbled with his keys to get in.
Heather made straight for the bedroom. ‘Come in daddy, ’ she called out, after the briefest of moments. Ken laughed, ‘Don’t call me that, Heather, ’ Ken said weakly. It thrilled him, really. ‘I must call you daddy, ’ Heather explained, ‘it's…part of my fantasy.’
When Ken got in the bedroom, he gasped inwardly. Heather was lying on the bed on her stomach, her little skirt hitched up and her white cotton panties rolled down around her knees. Her pert pink bottom invited Ken to touch it. ‘Come here, ’ it seemed to say, ‘and sample me.’
He walked over and sat on the bed, to the left of Heather. His right hand stroked all down her spine and rested on her warm bare ass-cheeks. They quivered a little. They felt so young and firm. Ken’s teenage years tumbled from his memory with that first touch as he remembered the many girls like Heather he'd bedded in his youth. Heather groaned in anticipation and she turned her face towards him and said:
‘Spank my bottom, daddy, please. I’ve been very bad, daddy, very bad.’
‘Does your mother know?’ Ken said, stroking Heather’s bubble butt ass, getting into her psychodrama.‘ Oh yes, she does, ’ Heather said softly, ‘she sent me to you, for punishment.’
‘How bad have you been? Explain?’
‘I lust after my tutor, that nice man, Mr Smith.’
‘Do you? What does Mr Smith do about it?’
‘Nothing daddy, he doesn’t know yet.’
‘You've had sexual thoughts about him?’
‘Yes, daddy. I masturbate over the thought of him fucking me and me sucking his big hard cock.’
‘I see. That is very bad. What do you suggest I do about it, you naughty little slut?’
‘I deserve a spanking, daddy, a very hard one on my bare bottom. Look, I'm ready. I’ve taken my panties down for you.’
‘Yes, I can see that...are you ready to be spanked?’ Ken asked.
‘Yes daddy, please spank me, ’ Heather agreed.
Ken sat on the edge of the bed and manhandled Heather’s slim frame over his knees. He stroked her bottom a couple of times and then brought his flat hand down really hard on the left buttock with a loud...
‘Ouch!’ Heather squealed. ‘Harder, please daddy. I’ve been so bad. I’ve even thought about allowing my tutor to shoot his cum on my face.’
‘Oh, you dirty, dirty, little slut, ’ Ken said before he delivered a continuous series of spanks in an unrelenting way, working himself up into a frenzy.
Heather squealed after each slap. Her cute little bottom had gone from pink, to lobster red. She hung there, over Ken’s knee, a raging horniness connecting her stinging buttocks to her pussy. Ken’s fingers smoothed over the pretty crimson ass and Heather squirmed with sexual arousal as he did it.
‘Finger my snatch, daddy, ’ she said, ‘you know you want to.’
Ken’s hand lingered in the crack of Heather’s ass, feeling down a bit lower until the little pink vulva was touched. ‘Mm, that’s it daddy, in there, in my pee-hole, ’ she said, babyishly.
Ken’s dick was like a poker in his trousers by now.
Two of his fingers entered Heather’s cunt, sliding inside the moist pink slit. They went in easily, as it was so wet. Heather moaned with joy as she felt the impact of the fingers inside her, against her g-spot. ‘Oh, Oh, Oh, ’ she sighed. Ken smiled and jabbed his thumb in her little furrowed asshole. It joined the fingers probing her cunt.
He pressed down. squeezing Heather's anal canal onto his fingers inside her pussy. ‘Mm, you naughty dirty daddy, ’ Heather said, ‘how did you know your little girl liked her asshole played with? Have you been peeking on me when I've been pleasuring myself, daddy?’
‘Yes, I have peeked at you, ’ Ken told her, 'many times.'
‘Good, then my secret is safe with you, daddy, ’ Heather said, ‘now perhaps we can make love the way you and mommy do.’
‘What a good idea, ’ Ken said, taking his fingers out and placing Heather upright on the edge of the bed, ‘Get your clothes off and join me in the sack, ’ he told her. He stripped quickly and hurried into bed. He sat there watching Heather disrobe. He watched her bra fall and her nice young tits bounce free, and he watched as she undid her little short skirt and let that fall too, and last, he watched as she slipped off her white and blue sneakers. Soon, she was as naked as he was and she bounded into bed next to him, her right hand immediately closing over his erection. ‘Ooh daddy, what’s this?’ she asked, holding the stiff cock in her long slim fingers. ‘Is that big thing going to be able to fit inside your little girl’s pee-pee-hole?’
Ken smiled and said, ‘Uh-huh, it is.’
‘Ooh goody!’ Heather said.
In moments she’d put a condom on Ken’s cock and got on top of him, riding him like a cowgirl, facing him, feeding him her pink tipped teenage breasts. He suckled on them and let her slide up and down on his dick. More and more filth issued from her sweet young mouth the hornier she became. As Ken kissed her and thrust up inside her, Heather climaxed. She shrieked a few times and pressed her body down on Ken’s and plunged her dripping cunt against him in a series of last-gasp movements before she rolled sideways and held her belly, her breath coming in short inhalations through gritted teeth.
'Oh, that was so good, daddy, so good, ' she said laying back on the pillows. Ken stroked her hair and said she was a, ‘Very naughty girl’ for seducing her ‘daddy’ the way she had. Heather laughed and agreed with him then got down between his thighs and slipped the condom off his hard dick.
Her pretty pink mouth descended on it about twenty times and Ken soon filled it with slimy semen. ‘Mm, yes...yes...take all daddy’s cum in your mouth, you bad little girl, ’ he screamed. Heather fellated him expertly to one of the best and most com complete orgasms he’d ever had. He cupped her face and pulled her mouth up and down his shaft as the semen oozed from the corners of her lips. ‘BLURGH, BLURGH, BLURGH!’ she went as she slavered over the leaking cock, swallowing everything that Ken shot into her sexy young mouth.
They cuddled up in bed after the fuck and kissed and fondled each other. It was a tender time. Heather lay against Ken with her head on his shoulder. She said, after a long silence, ‘I guess that’s educating me, in a way, isn’t it, daddy?’ Ken stroked her firm young breast. ‘Yes, ’ said Ken, ‘and there’s a lot more learning to come, my sweet little girl.’ Heather kissed him and after the kiss, she got on her back with her legs splayed out like a frog. ‘Daddy, ’ she said, ‘my pee-hole says it needs another lesson right away. Can you do arrange it?’
Ken laughed and said, ‘Yes I can. I just happen to have a friend with me: Meet Professor Dick of F.U.C.K University, my naughty, lovely, little girl.’
© 2008, Sir & slut C

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